How Many Subscribers Do You Need To Make Money On YouTube in 2023?

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Many people on YouTube do well despite having few subscribers and wondering how to get ads on youtube. Many of us wonder how many subscribers you need to start earning money.

In this post, you’ll learn about YouTube’s partner program, requirements, and other lucrative monetization methods.

YouTube Affiliate Program: Joining the YouTube Partner Program is the first step in monetizing your YouTube account. The monetization program “The YouTube Partner Program” allows creators to earn money by displaying advertisements on their videos.

Because Google owns YouTube, the program displays your ads via Google AdSense. The amount you receive is determined by several factors, including the advertiser’s bid, the type of content shown, and the length of your video. You must apply to the YouTube Partner Program to monetize your YouTube channel. However, once accepted, you can begin monetizing your viewers and subscribers!

What are the prerequisites? YouTube has recently announced several new eligibility requirements for joining their Partner Program to prevent spammers, impersonators, and others with malicious intent from detracting from quality content-rich channels.

The following features make you eligible for the YouTube Partner Program:

  • You live in a permitted country (check if your country is listed here)
  • A minimum of 1000 subscribers should be a part of the channel.
  • The channel must have at least 40,000 hours of viewing time.

Once your account meets these criteria, you can begin the application process, which includes agreeing to their terms and conditions, signing up for Google AdSense, and establishing your monetization preferences.

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Metrics are equally important: Looking at your channel’s metrics and analytics is the best way to determine the success of your videos. These not only tell you how well your videos are performing but also how likely it is that you will begin increasing the amount of money you make through ads and other monetization methods.

Three main ratios can help you determine how well your channel is performing:

  1. The ratio of Likes to Views: The ratio of likes to views indicates how popular your videos are. If a viewer enjoys your video, if it provides them with unique content and they find it valuable, they will take the time to like it. You should receive at least four comments for every 100 views.
  1. The ratio of Comments to Views: Your videos’ number of comments and views will tell you how popular they are. High engagement, like with ads, is an important goal, and people are more likely to interact with your ads if they interact with your video. According to Tubular Insights, a good comment-to-view ratio is 5% or 5 comments for every 100 views.
  1. Subscription-to-View Ratio: Your subscriber-to-view ratio indicates how many of your subscribers watch your videos. The number of views per video dramatically varies. You could have thousands of subscribers and receive only a few hundred views on one video but 100,000 on the next. As per Tubular Insights, when you average everything together, you should aim for a subscriber-to-view ratio of at least 14%.

However, the more subscribers and views you receive, the more difficult it will be to maintain this ratio. It is not a failure if your subscriber-to-view balance does not reach 14%. Consider the well-known YouTuber PewDiePie. He has 55 million subscribers, and each video receives approximately 4 million views. That’s a subscriber-to-view ratio of slightly more than 7%, but he still gets millions of views per video and earns $12 million yearly.

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These metrics are excellent measurement tools to solve the question of how to get youtube subscribers, but they can be subjective to your content or audience.

Everyone can make money on YouTube! It’s not just for those who are “famous” on YouTube. Professionals can help you to make money on YouTube in no time if you work hard and know how to convert subscribers into income.

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