How Much Does Appliance Repair Cost?
How Much Does Appliance Repair Cost?

How Much Does Appliance Repair Cost?

When household appliances break down, it seems like a disaster. One day without a refrigerator or a washing machine could turn into a nightmare. Many household owners choose to replace the broken appliance as soon as possible. However, there is usually an option to repair it at a much lower cost.

Repairing broken appliances isn’t just less expensive than replacing them. It’s less time-consuming and more beneficial for the environment.

Let’s take a closer look at what can affect the cost of appliance repair.

1.   Location

The cost of appliance repair depends on where you are located. It can differ from state to state. Additionally, you need to find out how close the repair company is to your home. If the technician has to travel far in order to reach your house, the cost is likely to go up.

That’s why it’s imperative to find a company that’s located nearby. This way you won’t just cut costs but take advantage of a fast response time.

2.   Business Hours

Do you want the repair expert to come over during business hours? Then you are likely to pay a reasonable fee. However, if you need a 24/7 appliance repair company, the rates will be higher.

In most cases, you can wait until the next business day for the appliance to be fixed. In some situations, waiting is out of the question. If your dishwasher is flooding the basement, you need help fast. Be ready to pay extra for emergency response.

3.   Complexity

The cost of your appliance repair depends on how complex it is. If all a technician has to do is replace a door seal, don’t expect to pay more than $50 – $70. However, if electrical components are out of order, you may incur higher expenses.

According to Hartman’s appliance repair company, respectable repair companies are always straightforward with their rates. Once the technician diagnoses the problem, you should get a written repair estimate. Then you can make a decision whether the appliance is worth saving.

In some cases, it’s cheaper to buy a new machine than to repair the old one. Just remember that if you decide not to repair the appliance, the repair company may charge a diagnostic fee.

4.   Spare Parts

Depending on whatever is broken, you may need to replace certain elements. The total cost of the repair will depend on the cost of the spare parts. Some of them, like switches and handles, may be cheap. Meanwhile, motors are usually expensive.

If you have an old appliance or an appliance discontinued by the manufacturer, the technician may have a hard time finding new parts. Talk to the representative about the possibility of getting used parts. They are likely to be cheaper and easier to find.

5.   Company

One of the best ways to minimize appliance repair costs is to find a repair company in advance. When the appliance breaks down, you’ll know whom to call to get the best services in your area. Otherwise, you would need to rush through the research. This could lead to choosing an expensive company that doesn’t have sufficient experience

The company you choose dictates the price pay for repair. Different companies set different prices depending on their experience, level of professionalism, demand for services, size of the team, and much more.

It’s imperative to choose the best company for your needs in order to avoid high costs. Check the company’s reputation by browsing the internet or asking around. Chat with your neighbors. More often than not, they’ve already had problems with appliances and know whom to call.

When choosing the company ask the representative about extra and hidden fees.

The Takeaway: How Much Does Appliance Repair Cost?

The national average appliance repair cost is $200. The minimum cost is $70 while the maximum can go beyond $500. In most cases, the repair is cheaper than replacement. However, if your appliance is already old, you may want to consider replacing it anyway. Even high-quality repair doesn’t extend the expected lifespan significantly.

Keep in mind that some of the repair work can be done without professional assistance. Take the time to browse the web for DIY repair solutions. Tasks like seal or bulb replacements are usually easy and not worth paying $70 for.



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