How Much Does It Cost to Replace Sliding Windows?

The cost to replace sliding windows will depend on several factors including size, material, frames, the brand, and more. A great window replacement company will give you multiple quotes to help you decide. On average, your costs can vary from $500 to $2,000.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Sliding Windows?

The range listed above is clearly very wide and that’s because homeowners have a lot of options. The average range of cost is $650 to $1,250. Most people pay around $850 on average. Like with any home upgrade, there are choices that will impact the quality, aesthetic, and cost of your sliding windows.

What Factors Impact the Cost of Window Replacement?

Material Choices

There are different materials used to create the sliding track and frame for the sliding window. When you’re doing a replacement, you can use the same materials that were in the old window. Or, you can make changes depending on your taste and the materials used to build your home.

Different materials used in sliding windows include vinyl, composite, wood, aluminum, aluminum-clad, and fiberglass. The lowest cost material is usually vinyl and the highest cost is usually fiberglass. An experienced window company will be able to help you choose from your options. A leading company like 3 Bidz Windows will have more information about the quote process.


For a replacement, there is likely already a specific window size that you will need. These range from 24″ x 24″ to 96″ wide windows. A larger size will increase the cost.

Frame or Frameless

Sliding glass windows elevate your home design with their function and their aesthetic. Traditionally, sliding windows are framed. However, if you prefer the look of frameless windows, that’s a choice you can make. It will increase the cost because it will require more work to install the window just right.

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Popular brands for sliding windows include Jeld-Wen, Milgard, Simonton, and Pella. All of these brands will have their own costs for size and material.

Panes of Glass

The more panes of glass and the more special coatings that may need to be applied, the higher the cost. This matters more when you live in extreme temperatures. If you live somewhere very cold or very hot, you may want to pay for a double-pane sliding glass window. The initial cost would feel worth it because it would lower your heating and cooling costs.

Type: Single, Double, Triple

A single sliding window has two panes: one that stays still and one that slides in a track from left to right. This is your most basic and lowest cost of the types of sliding windows. With a double sliding window, both of the two panes of glass can slide left to right in the track.

Then, there are triple-pane sliding windows. This has one glass pane in the middle that stays still and two on the sides that both slide open. This is the most expensive type of sliding glass window because it has more parts and more glass to replace.

Difficulty of Removal

Sometimes, old sliding windows are stuck in place and difficult to remove. This may be because someone painted over the frame or installed it strangely. Sometimes there is mold or aged wood to contend with. There are also custom jobs that come with unique circumstances.

When the old window is more difficult to remove, you may pay more in labor costs. It may also take more work to fix up the home so the new window can be properly installed for the best long-term results.

The first time you replace a sliding window it can be surprising just how many options there are. In the end, this helps because it means there are windows for every budget. You’ll need to prioritize the look of your windows, budget, and long-term goals to help you decide. If a higher-quality window lasts longer or saves on your energy bill, the higher initial cost may be worth it.

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