How Packaging Machines Enhance the Productivity of Your Business

Packaging Machines
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Are you considering the purchase of a packaging machine? These machines offer productivity benefits for Australian businesses, and are available in many different types. For example, shrink wrap machines are popular in the food industry, and with many manufacturers. 

Other common types of packaging equipment include strapping machines—also referred to as banding machines. They strap products and cartons, and can be used to stabilize loads on pallets too. 

Pallet wrap machines are preferred for palletizing in some industries, because they use stretch film to protect products, and secure loads to pallets. This also offers security for your products, especially if you use black stretch film: this type of film makes products less visible, and deters pilfering.

With so many different types of packaging machines available, start by assessing your products and processes, and the bottlenecks which slow production and shipping.

Next, consider the overall benefits of packaging machines, and their potential effects on your operation’s productivity.

Packaging machines enhance productivity 

For many businesses, packaging machines slash labor costs, as well as increasing overall productivity. When fewer staff are employed in packaging and despatch, they can be used elsewhere to increase production.

What about expense? Some packaging equipment is expensive, however the expense can be recouped with increased production capabilities. In addition, some machines, such as pallet wrapping machines, cut down on product damages. This decreases overall costs, and leads to happier customers as well.

Let’s look at some ways in which packaging equipment enhances productivity.

Packaging Machines

1. Slash labour costs: use your staff where they’re needed

Packaging machines save time, and cut costs. Even your best workers can’t package as quickly as a machine, and workers get tired. Machines do not. 

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If you’re experiencing bottle necks in your packaging systems, and are thinking of hiring additional workers, consider how machinery might help. What type of equipment do you need—what are its advantages? How might you transfer staff to other areas of your facility, to increase productivity?

2. Health and safety: packaging machines may decrease injuries

As mentioned, your staff get tired, and exhaustion leads to injuries. When machines do more, your staff can use their energies more efficiently. Workplace injuries may decrease. 

Because they perform repetitive work, packaging machines can increase staff morale. Most of these machines require little training, so you can train current despatch staff in new areas.

3. Delight customers when you can meet increased demand quickly

If you’ve ever disappointed customers when you couldn’t fulfill an order, consider that packaging equipment might offer additional capacity. Not only could you meet any sudden demands, you could deploy workers where they’re needed quickly. 

With overall increased capacity, you’ll can also increase your customer base. So, with added sales, you’ll increase your profits too. 

4. Remain competitive in your industry when you increase productivity

Every industry today is competitive, not only with businesses in Australia, but also overseas. 

If you’re experiencing more competition, you’re looking for ways to be more productive, right throughout your operations. Consider that efficiency in packaging and shipping means you can get products onto trucks more quickly. This can make you more appealing when a potential customer is considering his options and choosing between you, and a competitor.

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5. Machines can package more consistently: fewer damages mean added profitability 

It’s rare that humans can achieve the consistency of a machine. For example, a carton strapping machine applies strapping within seconds, with the same tension for each package. It also uses the same amount of strap each time.

Over the course of a day, workers strapping cartons manually become tired and make small errors. These errors may result in damaged cartons and products, decreasing overall productivity.

Packaging Machines

6. Cut waste in packaging materials to trim costs 

Packaging machines are efficient: you know precisely how much material a machine will use for each package. They can trim costs, because they reduce waste in materials.

Machinery may help you to rethink your packaging too, because 2025 is drawing near.

7. Make packaging sustainable: meet Australia’s 2025 national packaging targets

Today, sustainability is a watchword. With 2025 on the horizon, many businesses are determined that they’ll meet Australia’s National Packaging Targets. Among other things, these targets mean that by the end of 2025, 100% of all packaging used in Australia needs to be reusable, recyclable, or compostable.

Consequently, many companies are rethinking their packaging. They’re creating fresh packaging, with new designs, using sustainable materials. Their aim is to use less packaging—and that packaging will have reusability and recycling benefits. 

Consider that packaging equipment may help. Machines can help you to use eco-friendly materials, with less packaging. This means increased productivity, as well as profitability.

Could packaging machines increase your productivity?

Consider your operations today. Whatever your industry, the faster you can package and ship, the more your productivity will increase.

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