How Swing Top & Office Bins Can Help Organize Your Business

Tips on how to keep your workplace clean and organize using swing top & office bins

Every workplace produces waste, it’s an inevitable by-product of doing business. From paper clips to outdated magazines to pens — you name it, it probably has a home in your office. 

A cluttered and disorganized workplace can lead to stress, exhaustion, and missing deadlines. This can result in lost productivity and possible losses for your business. Now imagine if your company could save hundreds of thousands of dollars every year by making a few simple changes — or even just one really huge change that will start by adding the right swing top & office bins to your office. 

Benefits of Using Swing Top & Office Bins for Organization

Many offices still use the traditional, open office bin style. However, these days there are better office garbage bin options available that can make all the difference. Swing top bins and office bins are two great options for keeping your space organized and tidy. Here’s why: 

1. Stylish and Convenient Way To Store Waste 

Office bins come in a variety of colours and sizes to fit your specific needs. They have a lid that swings open and closed, making it easy to deposit garbage without having to remove the lid each time. Office bin liners are also available, which means you can simply remove the liner when it is full and replace it with a new one – no need to empty out the entire bin.

2. Reduce Waste and Improve Sustainability

While some office waste can be recycled, a lot of it still ends up in a landfill. Swing top & office bins are great for sorting recyclable materials. Office workers can separate recyclable waste from non-recyclable waste—making it easier for recycling companies to recycle and reduce the amount of office waste that ends up in a landfill. 

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3. Perfect for Keeping Workspaces Clean and Organized

Keeping Your Workplace Clean with Swing Tops & Office Bins

Having an organized workspace is essential for your productivity and overall performance. Investing in swing tops & office bins is one way to keep your space tidy and organized and keep everything at hand within easy reach. When everything has its own place, you’ll know exactly where to look when you need something.

4. Easy To Use and Maintain

Swing tops and office bins are easy to clean and maintain, making them a valuable addition to any space. They are made of durable material that can withstand daily wear and tear. These bins have a tight lid that prevents spills and keeps contents clean while preventing pests from getting into the garbage. 

5. Larger Capacity

Swing top office bins are also great for offices that produce a lot of paper waste, as they can be easily lined with office bin liners. If your office produces a lot of garbage, you may want to consider using a large office bin with a swing-top lid. This will give you plenty of room to store office waste without having to empty the bin frequently. They also come with lids to keep trash out of sight and office garbage bin liners to make emptying them quick and easy.

Tips on How To Keep Your Office Organized Using a Swing Top & Office Bins

The office waste bins are one of the most important pieces of office equipment. Knowing how to keep your office clean and organized with a good quality office bin will save you time and money. Here are some tips on how you can use swing-top & office bins to keep your office organized:

1. Start With a Plan

Keeping Your Workplace Clean with Swing Tops and Office Bins

Before you begin organizing your office, create a list of everything that needs to be done. You may need to make modifications to your work area, such as installing an additional shelf or drawer for the office bins.

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2. Choose the Right Features of Trash Bins for Your Office

The type of office garbage bins you choose can have an impact on how efficiently your office runs. That’s why it’s important to choose the right features for your needs.

  • Consider the size of the office and the capacity of the bin. Swing top office bins are great for offices where space is at a premium, as they can be tucked away under desks when not in use. However, office bins with lids are better for larger offices as they provide more capacity and can be easily accessed when needed. 
  • Think about the size of the bin. If you have a small office, then a smaller bin will suffice. However, if you have a large office or a high volume of office waste, then you will need a larger bin. 
  • Use bins that are easy to open and close. You don’t want your employees wasting time by struggling with a stiff lid; choose a swing top bin that opens easily with one hand. If you have multiple bins, consider purchasing one that slides out from the side rather than lifting from below.
  • Consider the material of the bin. A plastic bin is more durable and easier to clean than an office waste paper bin, but it may be more expensive. Ultimately, the right office waste bin for your office depends on your specific needs and budget.

3. Use Labels To Organize Your Office Supplies

Label bins with the contents and the purpose of each bin, so you know what’s in them and how to use them or dispose of them. Place the label on the front of the bin so that it is easy for everyone in the office to see. 

If you have a large trash bin office, it can be hard to keep them clean. However, if you label them clearly with the contents and location of each item, they will be easy to keep clean. This is especially important if multiple people use the same office space daily.

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It’s also helpful when you are sorting through your trash and recycling. You will know what needs to be recycled, what needs to be thrown away, and what can be reused in other ways. 

4. Keep the Bin in a Convenient, Accessible Location

One of the most important things to consider when setting up an office waste management system is the location of the bin. It is important to choose a spot that is convenient and accessible for all office workers. The bin should also be placed in an area that is not likely to cause obstruction or mess. In addition, office bins should be placed away from high traffic areas to avoid creating a tripping hazard.

5. Clean and Organize the Bin Regularly

A swing top office bin is a great way to keep office waste neatly contained. Thankfully, there are a few simple steps that you can take to keep your office bin clean and organized. 

  • Make sure to empty it regularly. Depending on the size of your office and the amount of paper waste generated, this may be daily or weekly. 
  • Invest in a good-quality trash bin with a swing-top lid. This will help to keep odors under control and prevent pests from getting into the bin. 
  • Use a disinfectant to clean the office bin thoroughly. You can either use a spray bottle or pour the disinfectant into a clean cloth and wipe down the entire surface of the office bin. 

Wrapping Up

No matter how you organize your office, there is one common denominator in all successful businesses -– getting rid of the clutter. And what better way to do that than with swing top & office bins? These handy little helpers can make your work life easier and more organized. And if that wasn’t incentive enough, using these containers can also boost your productivity. VIsit our website to find the swing tops & office bins that work for you, and start decluttering today.

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