How to add footnotes in MS Excel?

In this article, we tell you how you add footnote in ms exce. Let us see how to add a footnote in MS Excel. I use MS Excel almost every day and find it useful to insert footnotes in reports. I wish that I have an easy and fast way to insert footnotes in ms excel. And all the solutions I found online were either really slow or it takes a lot of time to complete. I tried various ways to add footnote but every time I used MS Excel, I ended up with confusing and unnatural looking footnotes.

How to insert footnote in MS Excel?

Find the following properties in MS Excel:

PreferenceUnit.document_type: In the Type of Title heading, you will find properties

preference_unit_type: In the Type of Title heading, you will find properties

For MS Windows – preference_unit_type=Microsoft.Office.3.0.product:3.0 Preference

Once you have opened MS Excel, you will notice that you can see 2 tabs in the drop-down list below the Attributes panel. Click on the ‘Tools’ tab, followed by the ‘Footnotes’ option.

This brings the Footnotes option in the list. In this way, you can add the footnotes in the document.

Benefits of adding footnotes in MS Excel:

There are several benefits of using footnotes in MS Excel. One of the benefits of adding footnotes in MS Excel is that footnotes allow you to demonstrate and highlight various sections in the same document. They have the ability to show different sections of the document in different colors, thus being a visual aid to improve your overall formatting.

Footnotes allow you to create specific sections in a document. Let’s say, you are creating a presentation for a business class. The slides have to go in the desired order. The presentation is, like, a 4-page handout. First, you have to create a PowerPoint. Then you have to arrange a number of things like pictures and tables. Finally, you have to insert the slides with accompanying text. You can insert all the slides in the document. But, you don’t want to leave out the picture or tables. You can use footnotes to insert those. Inserting the footnotes makes sure that you don’t leave out any information.

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