How to add value to your property?

add value to your property
add value to your property
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One of the reasons that real estate is such a good investment is the degree of control you have over it as an investor. This great control puts you in control of quickly adding value to the real estate you purchase. An ideal way to quickly grow your wealth.

Adding value through sustainability

The moment you purchase a property with a low energy label, it is highly recommended that you make money available for making the home more sustainable. By making your investment object more sustainable, you ensure a better label. From experience we see that most activities are in the following areas:

  • New high-efficiency outdoor wood furnace
  • Insulating the walls adjacent to the outer wall
  • If the house on the top floor is insulated from the ceiling
  • HR++ glass

The advantage of a good energy label

If you can raise the energy label of your investment property, the knife cuts both ways.

Value increase

By making sustainable investments in your investment property, you increase the value of your property. A higher value is a bonus when you want to refinance the home. A higher home value contributes to a higher loan to value (LTV). Ultimately, you can borrow more from the bank.

Higher rental price

An A label gives 32 points in the score of the rent commission. Due to this high number of points, you will soon have enough points to get the house to the free sector. Once you have enough points for the free sector, you are free to ask for the rent you want, without running the risk that your tenants will go to the rent committee.

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Value in rented condition

A final advantage is the so-called value in rented condition. This is the value that the banks look at when they refinance a property. For the value in leased state, banks look at the rent according to the scoring. The moment the house is in the free sector, you can ask for more rent, which also increases the value in rented condition. This ultimately also increases the LTV at the bank.

Permission from the VvE

With regard to sustainability, the idea is quickly that permission from the Owners’ Association is required. However, most of the work that has to be done can be carried out without the permission of the VvE. Of course, it can be worth checking the MJOP of the VvE to see whether there are plans for sustainability in the future. This applies in particular to major interventions such as solar panels or plastic frames.

Doubts about the correctness of the data?

Do you doubt the correctness of data in a registration managed by the Land Registry? Then report it to notar drkotz  You help us to keep the registrations as current and correct as possible. On this page you can read how to report this for various data that we manage Learn More

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