How to apply for an India Urgent Visa

How to apply for an India Urgent Visa
How to apply for an India Urgent Visa


India is provided for the convenience of traveling to India due to loss of life, accident, or serious illness of children, parents, and siblings. It is not difficult to get an emergency visa from any country in the world if one or more of the above reasons are met. For this purpose, you need to contact the Indian Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence. Generally, emergency visas are issued to eligible applicants on all working days. This article provides an overview of emergency visas in India. There is an emergency e-visa for unexpected events such as serious illness or death of a relative, urgent Indian court summons, or any other valid emergency that requires your presence in India. Currently, you can avoid long queues at the embassy for emergency visas. We can help you initiate your urgent application by submitting relevant documents and specifying the reasons why your application should be considered urgent. One of the best ways to get a visa quickly is to get it through an online agency like Indian Visa Online. You can contact us on any working day and your Urgent Visa for India application will be processed under high priority.

What to do to get an emergency visa

U.S. citizens of Indian descent are issued emergency visas for 6 months. The first step in obtaining such a visa is to submit your application to us after completing all the details of your visa requirements. Important documents must be provided when obtaining an emergency visa in India. Latest Indian passport, completed visa form, proof of local address, proof of emergency, certificate of renunciation of Indian citizenship, and any other relevant documents to prove your case for obtaining the visa. All applicants will need to upload their forms online to process their emergency visas. If you do not upload the photo, your urgent visa application will not be processed until it has been uploaded. This is important to keep in mind when applying for your visa.

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This is important when you are traveling for tourism, business, or medical treatment and cannot wait for long delays to issue an Indian visa. Our team will work on holidays, after hours, and on weekends to ensure that those who need an Urgent Indian Visa are able to get a visa in the shortest possible time. It can be as fast as 18-24 hours or can take up to 48 hours The exact timing depends on the number of such cases at hand at any time of the year and the availability of emergency Indian visa processing personnel to assist travelers arriving in India.

India Urgent Visa Application Online

We understand that it is important for you to obtain an Indian visa in the shortest possible time in case of an emergency. We do our best to reduce this deadline. The Government of India has created an emergency visa processing facility like different visas, confirming an emergency visa is more troublesome, as it depends on the approval. In the case of clinical death, you will need to give a copy of the letter from the medical clinic to the authorities to pass the disease. If you do not do so, your Emergency Visa to India application will be rejected. Assume full liability for your telephone number, email address, and correspondence, as well as a social courier for respectable extra data.


If a candidate has multiple valid identities, loss of visa, a lapsed or substantial visa, effectively issued visa is still sufficient or different visas, then it may take up to 4 days for official selection to apply. The Government of India has the final say in the decision on the application submitted on this official website. Emergency Indian visa applications are not processed on national occasions such as Republic Day on 26 January, Independence Day on 15 August, Gandhi Jayanti on 2 October, etc.