How to Become an SEO Freelancer in India?

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The Internet has taken over everyone’s life, be it a shopping website or just scrolling down any article. But the businesses that aim to get the maximum profit want to get their website ranking to the highest, and for this, we need SEO consultants. The main aim of these SEO consultants is to help companies manage their online activities to make a better ranking in search engine results. Thus, many small and big brands hire SEO consultants these days who take care of their optimization of websites.

Therefore, there’s a very high demand for SEO consultants in the digital market. Also, this is a new and high-paying career for youngsters, offering promising opportunities to the individuals and freelancers. 

What does an SEO Consultant do?

The main objective of an SEO consultant is to curate the content or organize it in such a way that it increases the visibility of the client’s page. Although the task sounds simple, it takes a lot of technical knowledge to be a good SEO consultant. Some of the complex tasks the SEO consultant does are as follows-

  1. Keyword Search – 

A SEO consultant needs to write particular phrases throughout the content to help your site rank higher than your competitors.These identifying phrases are called keywords that further help audience find your article. 

  1. Competitive analysis- 

You can analyze your content with the highest ranking competitors to understand the gaps and can fill it with ideal keywords to make your content much more visible.

  1. Project management- 

If you want to be a consistent SEO consultant, you should be able to manage high-priority projects, especially if you are shuffling within clients.

  1. Client Consultations- 
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Every project should start and end with client consultations, as it is essential to know the client’s brand, products, selling points, and what has to be promoted.

  1. Understand the industry trends- 

Search engines are regulated continuously. Thus you need to monitor industry changes and implement then in your content. 

Be an SEO freelancer in 6 Easy Steps-

Six steps can help you become an efficient SEO consultant and establish your career in SEO.

  1. Have command of your SEO Skills-

Before starting your SEO freelancing career, it is better that you brush up on your SEO skills. One can take SEO courses online or do some certification courses and update your resume. You can even create your website and practice it to get a real-life experience. But, this whole process demands time and consistent efforts. 

So, the best option is to hire a SEO freelancer to get the best results within least possible time. 

  1. Launch Your Website: 

Once knowledgeable about SEO, create your website if you have not created one yet. One can easily create a personal website using WordPress, showcasing your SEO skills and attracting potential clients.

WordPress is a content management system that will give proper shape to your platform and will help you present your content in an organsied yet presentable ways.

  1. Update your resume-

Make sure you have specific certifications which you can include in your resume to showcase your SEO skills to clients. To attract more clients, you can give them a free consultation, showcase your personal website and demonstrate your SEO knowledge to clients.

  1. Dedicate time
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Make sure you actively participate in SEO writing opportunities and reach out to well-known SEO professionals. Also, timely attending seminars, conferences, and educational submissions won’t only help you to increase your knowledge; but will also help in building a reputation with potential clients.

  1. Consider Pricing strategy-

Once you start working as a freelancer, make sure you include your living and business experience. Several pricing models can be used for that, such as

  1. Hourly
  2. Pre-project
  3. Monthly

According to a survey done in 2020, the hourly project rate for SEO consultants was 250 to 300 rupees.

  1. Use SEO toolkit-

If you wish to be a successful SEO consultant, you must become well versed with different tools to monitor the site, analyze competitor content, for content performance, and other tasks. You can use SEMrush, Mz pro, google analytics, and search console.

How much does a freelancer earn in India-

Freelancers in India are paid highly and differently according to their skills and type of clients. However, according to data, the following conclusions were made-

  1. Around 23 percent of 500 freelance employees said they earned approximately 60 lakhs to 1 crore yearly.
  2. While another group of 13 percent reported earning ten lakhs per year.
  3. The remaining reported earnings were about 7500 dollars to 1000 dollars.


The career of freelance SEO can be gratifying and stable for some; however, it is not a cup of tea for everyone, as it is ever-changing and evolving with time. But you should constantly update your skill set and be up to date with the trends going on in the market to get the best projects and to keep your profile trendy.

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Also, you can quickly learn the technology by doing certificate and diploma courses, and you can also learn the skills through youtube.

Hire the best team to expand your business and earn profit the most out of your ventures. For more information, and get to know about our services.


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