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How To Bring Your Gameplay Videos to the Next Level

How To Bring Your Gameplay Videos to the Next Level

This post was most recently updated on December 20th, 2021

The video game industry is booming and is expected to grow in the years to come. This is why it comes as no surprise that many people are now streaming their gameplay. Then they create clips for others to watch and potentially earn from it. Even using online video editor tools to explore different templates, music. effects and more.

It’s an absolutely lucrative industry and no one saw it coming. Well, maybe a select few have predicted it. But for the majority of people, no one knows how massive gaming will be in terms of earning potential. A few decades ago games were just meant to be played and enjoyed. As competitive games were developed, the winds shifted.

Fast forward to today more and more people are showcasing their talent or gaming skills. And one method is by creating highlight videos usually stripped from their Livestream. The clips from the gaming streams are just one aspect. Here are some tips to bring your gameplay videos to the next level.

Eye-Catching Effects

If you follow a streamer or professional gamer you’d notice that their channel is filled with highlight videos. It’s usually a mix of funny in-game moments or epic game footage that is collected and then stitched together. This ensures that whoever visits their page, be it a fan or a new visitor, will see their best in-game moments.

These videos often have great special effects that complement whatever is shown in the video. For example, if the gamer posts a clip of him getting the winning play, it’s often accompanied by special effects. The effects are used to either emphasize that he was the one that made the right move or highlights his epic play.

That’s just one example of how to use special effects in videos. If you want to go into the detail you can look up tutorials on YouTube or just use a video editor. Online video editor tools have templates you can use to make your videos ‘highlight’ worthy. Furthermore, these editors are simple and easy to use even for beginners.

Make a Cool Intro

Every successful gamer has a cool intro. It doesn’t have to be the most over-the-top intro that has tons of special effects on it. Nor does it have to be minutes long. A great intro will introduce who you are and leave an impact on the viewer. It should also include a mark or a logo that the audience can remember, all in a matter of seconds.

Some believe that the length of an intro should be as short as possible. Anything above 10 seconds is a turn-off for potential followers. The gaming industry is fast-paced and if you want to build a following then you have to retain your viewers. Long intros will almost certainly make a viewer lose interest quickly.

Consider utilizing free intro makers online. If you’re a gamer that wants to start a streaming career then an intro is a must. As you go along your streaming journey you will find that there is a community willing to help small-time streamers. But if you don’t have their support just yet, online video editors may give you that edge you need.

Add your best highlights

To make your gameplay video stand out from the rest make sure you add your best highlights. This may take some time to gather but the result will please your audience. Furthermore, gameplay videos should entertain your followers. They expect nothing less than your best performance so be sure to keep track of your recordings!

There’s a lot of software out there to record your gameplay. Nvidia ShadowPlay, Obs Studio, and fraps to name a few. Most of the available software today can record up to 4k resolution. If you’re not familiar with the resolution, it’s basically the highest quality possible in gaming to date. Pair this with good video editing software.

An Online video editor like Promo’s is compatible with high-resolution clips from your gameplay. It also has a timeline so you can easily switch them together. Additionally, the timeline looks like traditional editing software so you see all your videos in a linear fashion. Once you have all the clips just fire this tool up and start editing.

Smooth transitions are key

There are thousands of gameplay highlights on YouTube. So how do you make yours stand out from the rest? Well, one way to separate your channel or page from other gamers is the transitions. At first, it might seem too small to make a difference. It’s easy to distinguish amateur from professional edits just by looking at the transition.

Take a look at the most viewed gameplay videos on YouTube and review the transitions they used. Most if not all of them have smooth transitions from one clip to the next. Viewers will have a good time watching and will show their appreciation via comments or alike.

And in this industry engagement is key if you want to generate income one day. Subscribers and fans today appreciate smooth transitions between videos. Don’t overdo it though as too many transitions can end up confusing the viewer.

Top it off with captivating music

black and white music headphones life

Last but definitely not the least is captivating music. No gameplay video is complete without some epic music playing in the background. Imagine a boss battle in a video game and intense music starts to play. This builds up emotion within the audience and they can feel what you’re going through at that moment.

However, there are instances where music is unnecessary and may ruin the potential of the video. Sound effects are a great addition to funny moments caught on stream. A little laugh track here and there and you’ve got yourself a viral video.

Parting Words on Creating Gameplay Videos on Your Online Video Editor

An Online video editor may help you in this regard. Just like templates, it also has a gallery where you can choose what type of music you want to add. Simply search for the genre that you want and select the one that is most appropriate for your video.



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