How to Charge A RCA Tablet without a Charger

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How to Charge A RCA Tablet without a Charger

This post was most recently updated on May 12th, 2022

Charging a tablet is usually the primary concern when your battery dies. You rush for the port to charge your tablet. Tablets work their best on a full battery. Nowadays, RCA cables are not very popular. And if you have a tablet that needs an RCA cable to charge itself, it is no problem. Here is a detailed article by (Tablets Wiki) on how to charge an RCA tablet without a charger. It is straightforward. 

Charging a tablet becomes complicated when you forget to pack your charger with you. But do not worry. There are so many alternative ways to charge your tablet quickly. Just follow some simple steps. 

Charging a tablet without RCA 

Down below are some simple methods you can consider to charge your tablet.

  • The micro USB port
  • Power Bank
  • Mobile Adaptor
  • Car Charger

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The Micro USB Port

You can charge your tablet with the help of a micro USB port. Connect your tablet with a cable with RCA connectors on one end and their micro USB connectors. Now connect the micro USB port side with your computer. 

Now, wait for your tablet to charge. It will take a little longer than the usual adopter charge because of the change in voltage. 

Because the average adopter is suitable according to the need of its corresponding device, at the same time, the computer might not hold enough power for the tablet to charge faster. 

Power Bank

You can use an alternative method of the power bank. Because a power bank serves the same purpose as a charger does. It will fill up your battery in less time than a computer or laptop. However, do not rely solely on power banks. It is an alternative to your charger but not a long-term option because it can ruin your tablet’s battery with excessive use. 

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You need a cable with a dual end like RCA and a micro port. 

Mobile Adaptor

Charging a tablet with RCA becomes easy when you replace it with the adapter of your mobile phone. We all know that we cannot forget our portable phone chargers. 

So why not make them twice as functional as they are now. Connect the cable with the tablet and insert it into the dual-port line. 

If your charging ports are the same, this option is best for you. Happy charging. 

Car Charger

You can also use your car charger to fulfil your tablet’s battery. The formula is the same for each method. If you have a cable with an RCA port on one end and a micro USB port on the other, you can quickly charge your tablet wherever you want. 

Suppose you have a car and can charge your device in it. Then this is also an excellent option to consider. 


Is it safe to charge your tablet with a phone charger?

You can safely charge your tablet with your mobile phone’s adapter. It is entirely safe. Just do not use it excessively. Remember, it is an emergency option. Use it accordingly. Please do not use it in everyday use as it can ruin your battery. 

Can you use a USB as a charger for an RCA tablet?

Yes, you can use the USB port as a charger. Just make sure you have a wire that connects USB to RCA then you are good to go.

How can I charge my tablet fast with a laptop or a computer?

You can charge your tablet with a computer fast with a slight change in settings. When you connect your tablet with the computer, go to settings and the purpose of USB to “charging devices only.” This will speed up your charging process. 

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The above methods are best proven to use for charging your tablet. Now you have your answer to How to Charge an RCA Tablet without a Charger. They are easy and pretty standard in our daily life. The key for all of them to work is a USB Port. If you have a USB port, then these methods will serve you best because we all have at least some of the things from the list. Use them and charge quickly.


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