How to Choose a Psychologist?

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Our lives are written to have thousands of happy, sad moments, gains, and losses. Happy moments pass in the blink of an eye. Whereas, the sad moments or a loss haunt us for years. Some of us eventually move on and a few of us get stuck and see no way out.

When even after years you are still trying to cope with death, stress, anxiety, depression, and unfounded fears begin consuming you, that’s when you need to see a Psychologist. These are the few signs that tell you there is no other way out. To resume your normal life you only have to find and choose the best psychologist, the rest would be the psychologist’s job.

How do choose a Psychologist?

Since going to the Psychologist seems only to be the solution, here is how you can find and choose a psychologist;

  • Have a few options
  • Do some investigation
  • Read reviews
  • Arrange a meeting
  • Start your sessions

Have a few options

Whenever pain, anxiety, or depression leads you to a psychologist you need to first collect a few options. Collect options by searching “Best Psychologist near me” or as i do  ‘’ online psychologist Brisbane’’ online and asking your friends for referrals. You can request your primary care doctor to suggest a psychologist as well. He/she would surely know one or two reliable options. 

Do some investigation

Now that you have a bunch of options, it’s time to do some investigation. By investigation I mean checking the credentials. Go to and check credentials to know whether these options are worthy enough or not. The psychologist you need should have board certification from the American Board of Professional Psychology. 

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The Board certification gives you a confirmation that the Psychologist is trained, skilled, and experienced for the job. Moreover, if he/she has additional certification in additional certification in clinical psychology, child and adolescent psychology, cognitive and behavioral psychology, etc that’s a reliable option. Furthermore, if you feel you might get uncomfortable opening up to the opposite gender, investigate and consider gender as well. 

Read reviews

By the end of the investigation, you would have one or two options in mind. Search online the shortlisted options one more time to read reviews and judge whether the Psychologist provides a satisfactory service or not. The reviews on the Psychologist’s website can not be fully trusted, ask your friends, family, and acquaintances how the Psychologist is serving. If the Psychologist is local, there are some solid chances your friends, family, or acquaintances would know about him.

Arrange a meeting

Now that you have investigated the Psychologist by all possible means, it’s time to arrange a meeting. Arrange a meeting, and ask a few questions to get satisfied. If the Psychologist and the staff get successful in winning your heart, that’s a reliable option.

Start your sessions

Congratulations! You have finally found a reliable Psychologist, start your sessions immediately. Show up on time, trust him/her, and give all the required information to the Psychologist to put your first step on the road to recovery.

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