How To Choose The Best Laser Distance Meter

How To Choose The Best Laser Distance Meter
How To Choose The Best Laser Distance Meter
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Both professionals and DIY enthusiasts highly recommend a laser distance meter when it comes to measuring distances. This highly compact and versatile tool is utilized in a variety of applications–from measuring distances in construction and renovation projects to calculating the size of objects and spaces. 

While there are many options to choose from, you would need to know which is the best laser meter for you. Here’s how to choose the best laser distance meter according to your construction needs and requirements. 

What is a Laser Distance Meter?

A laser distance meter is a handheld measuring tool that utilizes laser technology in measuring the distance between two points. It’s typically used in construction, surveying, and engineering, as well as other applications where accurate distance measurements are a must. 

Types of Laser Distance Meters

The main types of laser distance meters are: dot laser distance meters and line laser distance meters. Their main difference? The dot laser projects a laser dot aimed at a target point so you can measure distances up to several hundred feet. Meanwhile, line laser distance meters project a straight line of laser light which makes it an ideal device for measuring distances along a straight path.

Key Features You Need to Consider

The best laser distance meters satisfy these criteria, so you may consider their key features before spending your hard-earned money.

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1. Measurement Range

You need to know the measurement range of a laser distance meter or the farthest distance this device can detect. Depending on where you would typically use it, selecting a laser distance meter with a longer range is important. Of course, you should be aware that longer ranges typically come with a higher price tag.

2. Accuracy 

Measuring requires accuracy and precision, so it’s inevitable to have this feature on top of your priority list when choosing the best laser distance meter. This way, you can rely on the measurements you take. 

3. Portability

Consider the portability of the laser distance meter. It should be easy to carry around, highly portable, and weighs just fine so it’s comfortable to hold and carry. 

4. Durability

Durability is also a key feature of the best laser distance meters. It should be able to withstand the demands of daily use, so check the material it is made of before buying your laser distance meter.

5. Measurement Units

Make sure to get the laser distance meter that supports the measurement unit you would need, whether it is in meters, feet, or yards.

Some notable features to also watch out:

  • Continuous measurement mode
  • Area and volume calculation
  • Pythagorean theorem calculation
  • Data storage and transfer

Budget and pricing

This is a factor you would need to consider beyond the key features of the actual device. Depending on your budget, you can buy cheap and even higher-end models. You need to get the device that satisfies your needs and fits within your budget. If you require more features and greater accuracy, then the laser distance meter you need might be more expensive. 

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Wrapping It Up

The right laser distance meter can make a world of difference in your professional or home improvement projects. With so many options available, it’s crucial to evaluate the key characteristics and pick a model that suits your needs and falls within your price range. We sincerely hope that this article has been useful in assisting you in selecting the best laser distance meter for your requirements.

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