How to Choose The Best Skates For You

Best Skates

Any skater’s performance depends on a good pair of skates. If yours are worn off, you should change them immediately. And this is when a dilemma appears. The constantly growing variety of skates makes the choice more and more complicated. Which type of skates is better? Which model is required for your particular purpose? Which brand offers higher quality? At, you can find some of the best options on today’s market.

Choosing the right skates for you

When choosing the right skates, you should consider at least several factors. What type of skating do you enjoy most? Are you fond of dance skating? Or are you a speed lover? Here are the steps to be taken on the way to top gear:

Step 1: Determine which type of skate you are looking for: quad or inline

If you consider doing a lot of outdoor skating or vert skating, you should try inline skates. Their name defines their specificity – up to 5 wheels on inline skates are located in a line one after the other. For example, inline models are incredibly popular among FR skates.

Fans of speed skating and/or roller derby should look no further than quad skates. Known as the “classic” skates, they feature the wheels set up like a car, with four wheels split into two rows.

Step 2: Determine if you want indoor or outdoor skates

What is the practical difference between indoor and outdoor skates? The first ones are harder, which enables easier gliding on rink floors or derby tracks. The second ones are much softer, being able to absorb more shock when rolling over outdoor debris or uneven surfaces.

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Some brands of skates started producing universal models, which happen to be both indoor and outdoor. This becomes possible thanks to the middle level of hardness. For example, children’s skates usually come with all-purpose wheels. Professional skaters don’t use the “hybrid” model, as they prefer to change their skates depending on the current surface.

Step 3: Determine if you want a high-top or low-top style boot

Choosing between high-top and low-top style stakes is more about look rather than functionality. So you should focus on your personal preferences.

High-top boots may seem a bit old-fashioned to some players but they are more comfortable to wear. They keep your ankles stable, which is required for artistic skating. Meanwhile, low-top boots come up with more sports designs. Being more flexible like sneakers, they offer high maneuverability. For example, you can check out MICRO skates which are available in high- and low-top formats. So you will be able to compare those if you are unsure which one you need.


Now that you’ve learned how to choose skates, you can take action. But you shouldn’t rush with your choice. While taking the above steps, you remember such things as budget, boot color, material, and brand. Based on your priorities, you will find your dream gear pretty easily.

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