How to Claim Your Cancelled or Delayed Flight Compensation with Click2Refund!

Travelers often look forward to their flights to their desired destinations, but unforeseen issues such as delayed flights, lost baggage, overbooked flights, and cancellations, can disrupt travel plans and ruin trips. These common aviation-related challenges can be stressful and frustrating for travelers, who choose flights to avoid lengthy travel times by road or sea. When stuck in the airport due to long delays or cancellations, travelers may experience added stress.

Frequent travelers are no strangers to facing a variety of travel-related issues, and it’s likely they have experienced one or more of these difficulties at some point. Click2Refund can help whenever these kinds of issues are faced.

Click2Refund has proven to be of great assistance to the travelers, who, don’t have the time to pursue their compensation from the airline while on a trip. Despite having some knowledge of their rights as passengers, they may not be familiar with the relevant regulations or laws. Click2Refund’s legal team deal with the travelers’ case, enabling them to relax and enjoy their vacation while their claim is being processed on their behalf. As a result of Click2Refund‘s efforts, the travelers are awarded the compensation they are due.

What does Click2Refund Cover?

Under the EU consumer protection regulations, you might receive compensation ranging from 250 to 600 Euros depending on the delay’s severity if your flight to or from the EU is canceled, delayed, or if you face certain other situations.

You cannot apply for compensation if your flight does not originate or land in the EU, or if the carrier does not have its headquarters in the EU.

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Here is a brief summary of what Click2Refund covers:

  • Delays of more than three hours caused by the airline (i.e., no weather delays)
  • Flights canceled within 14 days of departure without a suitable replacement flight
  • Overbooked flights
  • Connections missed as a result of overbooking, cancellation, or delay
  • Damaged or misplaced luggage

With Click2Refund, you can rest assured that you have the expertise and support you need to pursue you compensation claim.

What are the Compensation Rules in the EU?

The European Regulation on Air Passenger Rights (EC 261/2004) establishes compensation guidelines to safeguard passengers’ rights if a flight is postponed, cancelled, or overbooked.

You are qualified to submit a 600 EUR delayed flight claim under EC 261 if:

  • You arrived more than three hours late to your destination.
  • The flight originated from any airport and landed in the EU, as long as that airline has its headquarters in the EU.
  • You checked in on time for your flight.
  • Your flight operated less than 3 years ago.
  • The delay (operational circumstances, technological issues, etc.) is the airline’s fault. This means that extraordinary circumstances such as the weather do not entitle you to a claim.

My Flight Is a US Flight, Am I Eligible for Compensation?

There are currently no regulations that require airlines to offer passengers monetary or other forms of compensation when their flights are delayed at the federal level.

In order to qualify for compensation through Click2Refund, your flight must either originate from or arrive in the EU.

Unfortunately, if you’re traveling within the United States with a US-based airline, you will generally not be eligible for reimbursement, unless the airline has its own policy stating otherwise.

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How Can I Submit a Claim?

Visit Click2Refund and follow the instructions on the website to submit a claim. Ensure to keep the information about your flight, and your boarding pass handy. The process is quite simple and takes just a few minutes. The website will let you know upon submission If your claim is eligible.

You can also file a claim for your delayed flights up to three years after the date of the flight. If your flight arrive at or depart from the EU meets the criteria for compensation, such as if it was delayed for more than three hours, you are still eligible to file a claim and seek compensation.

How Much Does It Cost to File a Claim?

None. You don’t have to pay for anything to submit a claim.

Click2Refund is a no-win no fee service and completely risk-free.

They will handle all legal formalities on your behalf and strive to obtain compensation for you without any upfront payment. You don’t need a credit card to file a claim, and service charges will be subtracted from the compensation. A small amount of effort could result in a few hundred euros for you.

Why Wouldn’t I Make the Claim on My Own

For those with the time and patience, it’s possible to contact airlines directly to file compensation claims for flight delays or cancellations. However, dealing with airline bureaucracy can be a time-consuming and challenging task, involving multiple individuals and extensive paperwork. This is not feasible for one traveler who prioritize their time and minimizing stress.

Click2Refund offers a convenient alternative, providing legal assistance to handle the claim-filing process and communicate with airlines on behalf of the traveler. This option eliminates the need for personal involvement in the claim process and can result in faster resolution and compensation payouts.

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Choosing Click2Refund can save travelers time and increase their chances of receiving compensation, as the service has a proven record of success and specializes in efficiently securing payments from airlines. Rather than accepting vouchers or other compensation options, travelers can submit a claim via Click2Refund in just a few minutes and potentially receive hundreds of Euros without additional effort.

If you have more questions regarding the Click2Refund’s services and your eligibility of the flight delay compensation, you can always visit their FAQ page.

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