How To Do Brainstorming To Write A Great College Essay

Are you thinking about what in the world I should write my college essay about? Or you are just having trouble figuring out how to approach essays in general. And I need a bit of inspiration. If so, this article is for you my friend.

In this article I am going to share 3 ways to jumpstart your college essay. That will definitely help you in writing your best college essay. So here are some tips lets begin,

Read Other Essays That Worked

One of the thing  that I think students struggle with. It is like you have never had an assignment at school before, that is like writing a college essay. You’ve had to write literature now. Let’s just write an essay or you can hire some one like write my paper for me service’s so they can help you in saving your time.


But you never had to write a college essay. So some of you are probably sitting there and going there. What the heck should I do anyway? And if that’s you one of the great places to start is to read some examples of essays that work.

So where do you get these other essays? The first thing you can do is to check different websites and blogs where students have published so many. And then finally the last place you can get example essays is from people you know.

So if you have a brother or a sister or a cousin or even a guidance counsellor. Who has the repository of essays. That worked from students from last year at your high school. You may get essays from those sources. Read over them and see what other people did.

And then there’s one more category that I like to add in addition to just getting college essays. Another type of essay that some writers recommend is called an op-ed. In every crucial newspaper in the US  there are articles every week that are personal opinion articles.

These are sometimes called op-ed, and sometimes they are the opinion column of a newspaper. But NEVERTHELESS of what you call it these essays are personal stories. That intersects with ideas and concepts. And values that strike all of us.

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College Essays Templates

Some writers have also found the best templates for college essays. Because they’re away from humans on an individual scale. Talk about what interests them, and they talk about their personal stories.

And then they talk about them in a way that helps create some border point, some lesson learned, or some bigger narrative that we all can share in and learn from.

So as you approach these essays it is not your job to plagiarise them and copy them word for word. Or just erased all of the specifics. And then write on your own. INFORMATION!
That’s not how to write a college essay.

What you guys do is analyze these essays. And find out how you can create strategies to get those same kinds of positive & good results. What that means is to ask yourself, 

  1. What strategies are they using and do these strategies work effectively or not
  2. What kind of topics are they reading about
  3. What’s the overall structure of the essay 

Compile all your props
Whenever students work on their college essays. One of the first things that they should do if they haven’t already done it is to. Make one giant document and throw all the prompts for all of the schools. That you are applying to one place.

After you do that then go ahead and read through every essay topic and brainstorm from there.

I think 1 mistake that so many students make is. They think they have to rate the common app as a first. So as they start off with all the common app prompts. And they stare at them and they have no idea what to write.

And they feel totally discouraged and can’t even type a letter. If that same happens to you. Then look at some other prompts it might actually be easy to start with a supplemental essay. Because it’s requesting down-to-earth questions. And once you warm up writing. Sometimes that’s a good way to start.

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And to get your brainstorming going the other thing that happens with a lot of students is that. They end up developing an essay. That started as some other essay into their common application essay.

Just remember that writing is rewriting and that means oftentimes if you can get yourself. Writing over here in this corner. You can frequently then turn that into a response for anything over here or grow that idea.


Now you have all of these points on how to brainstorm to write a great college essay. Just read this article carefully and you will know how you can write it. Hopefully, you find out this information interesting Good luck. 

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