How to Download, Install, & Run QuickBooks Clean Install Tool [Update 2024]

How to Download, Install, & Run QuickBooks Clean Install Tool [Update 2024]
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QuickBooks Clean Install tool is one of the tools that troubleshoot the errors of the version of QuickBooks Desktop. It is a useful tool that helps in solving the installation and update issues of QuickBooks. This tool is developed by Intuit which not only helps in determining the issues of accounting programs but also solves them. With the help of this type of tool, users can fix errors that happen during opening your company files. In addition to this, it is also useful in addressing any other QuickBooks difficulty.

If you’re getting any error or installation-related issues, you can use this tool. Also, your company information will be kept secure with this type of tool. In case, you’re getting errors while downloading or installing QuickBooks, you can also reach out to our QuickBooks technical team by dialing +1-844-712-2521 and get assistance from certified ProAdvisors immediately. We have a helpline number that lets you speak to our technical team for reliable solutions.

What is QuickBooks Clean Install Tool?

The process of downloading and using the QB Clean Install Tool is very simple. However, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the tool before proceeding with the steps to ensure more effective results. The QuickBooks clean install tool serves the purpose of rebuilding damaged functions in QuickBooks desktop. When a simple reinstallation is insufficient to resolve the issue, the clean install tool comes into play. To address problems using the clean install tool, you need to rename both the QuickBooks desktop for Windows and the installation file, followed by a program reinstallation. This entire process is referred to as a clean install or clean uninstall of QuickBooks, effectively clearing the cache memory and freeing up space. Generally, a clean install resolves issues such as difficulty opening company files, display and template problems, and various other installation-related issues.

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When to use QuickBooks Clean Install Tool?

Many times, QuickBooks creates some files within the system that are not necessary for its operation. This unnecessary file causes interruption to your organization’s work. This is why, there’s a need for the installation of this tool. This tool helps manage such situations by uninstalling all the programs.

If there is any kind of error on QuickBooks, you can get it fixed with the clean install tool. So, a user will have to use this tool for uninstallation and reinstallation of this accounting software. 

• You must use this tool if you are facing an error while opening more than one company file. Users can also use this useful tool if see the issue of corrupted installation, crashes, or other issues.

• When you have tried all the simple solutions but they didn’t help you, you should move to the installation of this tool.

• The compatibility issues of QuickBooks with other software or drivers will also cause errors. So, you can run the QuickBooks Clean Install tool to resolve the compatibility problems.

• If there are any QuickBooks performance issues then you can resolve them by reinstalling the software with a clean install tool.

How to download the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool?

This tool is important for a QuickBooks user as it helps in solving various troubles of this accounting software. You need to first download this tool on your system to fix the issues. If facing an error while trying to access multiple company files at a time, you can download this tool.

Before you start downloading, you need to understand its installation process. The installation of QuickBooks Clean Install Tool starts with QuickBooks uninstallation and file renaming. It also involves re-installation of QuickBooks using the tool.

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• Firstly, you’ll need to download the tool from the official website of Intuit. 

• Then, the user needs to save the downloaded file. 

• In the next step, you just need to open your downloaded and saved file. You’ll find this file named QuickBooks_clean_install_tool.exe. 

• After that, the user will have to navigate to the installation process. Click twice to open the downloaded file.

• Look for the option that says “I accept the license agreement”

• Now, look for the version of the QuickBooks Desktop

• To proceed to the next step, you need to click OK

• When you’re done with all the steps of downloading, restart your system. Then, access this tool for solving the problems of installation and downloads on QuickBooks.

Installation and use of QuickBooks clean install tool 

The installation process of the clean tool requires a lot of steps which we have discussed in the above section.

1. Start with the uninstallation of QuickBooks Desktop

For this, you’ve to press Win + R tabs which will launch the run command. Now, open the control panel in the search bar and then tap on the OK tab. Now, you need to move to the programs and features section.

From here, the user needs to go for the “uninstall a program” option. From the available list, you have to pick the QuickBooks Desktop and then tap on the uninstall button. This will help in completing the uninstall process.

2. Use the QuickBooks clean install tool for windows 

• First of all, you’ll have to download the QuickBooks tool hub. 

• In the next step, move to the file location to initiate the installation process. You’ll have to install the program by performing the onscreen prompts. 

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• After that, choose the option of “I accept to complete the install process”

• Now, open the tool hub 

• After choosing installation issues, you need to click on the clean install tool. 

• You will then see a message on the screen about the installation of your copy of QuickBooks to the default location.

• Complete the step by clicking on the OK button and then rename the folder. You can do this through Task Manager which is present in the Windows Taskbar

• In the next step, click on the image name header. 

• Navigate to the qbdbmgrn.exe, qbw32.exe. QBCFmonitorservice.exe 

• Finally, click on the yes option. 

3. Re-installation of QuickBooks 

The last step is the reinstallation of the QuickBooks program on the system. For this, you’ll have to enter the license as well as the product details. To complete the process of reinstallation, simply insert the QuickBooks CD to start the process. Also, you’ll need to enter the important credentials. In the next step, you need to simply click on the next tab after choosing the install tab. Finally, run QuickBooks.

Summing up

That’s all. The issues related to downloading and installing the QuickBooks clean tool can be fixed with the above steps. If you’ve any query related to QuickBooks Clean Install Tool then all that you need to do is to contact us. Simply dial our helpline number for immediate QuickBooks error support at +1-844-712-2521, and we will try to provide you with instant support and assistance.

FAQs Related to QuickBooks Clean Install Tool 

Is the uninstallation of QuickBooks going to delete my company files?

No. Uninstalling QuickBooks will not remove any of your company files from your system. It only removes the QuickBooks software.

How can I reinstall QuickBooks Desktop using the clean install tool?

You are needed to uninstall the QuickBooks Desktop program using the clean install tool. Then, rename installation folders. In the end, you can now reinstall the QuickBooks Desktop.

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