How to fix SIM not Provisioned Error on Android or iPhone?

How to fix SIM not Provisioned Error on Android or iPhone?
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Did you get a ‘SIM card not provisioned mm 2error on your device when you are trying to insert a SIM card in your device? Well, you do not need to worry as this error tells you that the phone device you are using does not recognise the SIM card you are trying to insert. This will further prohibit you to use cellular data, send or receive voice mail and other activities which require a SIM card. 

In this blog you are going to read about this error and also about how to fix SIM not provisioned mm 2 so that you can insert your SIM card without any issues and use your device. 

You might face this error if – 

  1. Your SIM card has been blocked by the network carrier. 
  2. You are using a SIM card in a location which does not support it. 
  3. The carrier network is down, especially with SIM card activation. 

Ways to fix Error of SIM not Provisioned –

  1. Restart your device 

The first and foremost way any person will try to fix any issue is to restart their device so that the minor errors and glitches could be fixed. And this way might also fix the issue which you are facing with the SIM card. 

  1. Clean the SIM card and SIM ports 

Next way you can try is to clean the SIM card and also the SIM ports in which the SIM card is supposed to be inserted and then try to insert the SIM card again and see if your problem has been solved or not. 

  1. Install the Carrier Settings 
  • First of all the users need to go to the settings app of their device and then from there move to about phone section. 
  • Under about phone section the users need to find the option of update profile. 
  • Once you click on update profile and then system update. 
  1. Turning on the Airplane mode 
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Turning airplane mode might refresh your network and the SIM you have inserted will get activated for your use. 

  1. Contact the SIM card provider 

If none of the ways above are working for you then you need to turn to the SIM card provider. You need to contact the SIM card provider and mention the issues you are facing so that he could get the correct solution for you to fix SIM not provisioned mm2.

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