How to make a heart out of a gum wrapper?

Gum wrappers are used to make hearts. Check out our page on how to make hearts out of old jar wrappers. By following the steps below, you can learn how to make pot-wrap hearts and chain links. If gum wrappers aren’t something you particularly like, don’t worry. Things can look better than you expected.

These two diagonally folded sides of a rolling pin can be aligned horizontally in the middle after being folded in half. The wrap should now be folded on the diagonal of the connecting folds, with the bottom edge aligned with the center. After turning sides, you should be ready to give your Valentine your heart.

Then, start by building a rectangle using the top and bottom corners. The edge gives the heart its final shape, so it should be folded evenly. To create an L-shaped shape, fold one of these sides. Notice how the wrapper folds in the middle as you do this.

The top and bottom of the bowl wrap must be inserted first. The wrinkles can then be sharpened with a plastic card. Once the jar wrapper is completely folded, the heart should be easy to cut out. Once the template is cut it can be assembled using very little glue. After breaking into small pieces, the heart wrapper pot can be used for a variety of crafts.

Origami chain link

The article will teach you how to make gum wrapper hearts and other things to make with gum wrappers They can be used for home decoration or as a romantic gesture. The first and most important step is to fold the corners of the opposite sides together. Once they are folded to the desired position, bring them to the center. The rounded corners and bottom heart will look like a box. Begin the first fold by placing the wrapping rectangle face down on a flat surface. Fold the top and bottom corners together to form a center crease. Once there, fold the bottom edge of the paper up. Continue to the next corner.

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Burn the resin wrap

Cut into three equal parts and arrange the bowl wrap, then light the heart-shaped candle. Use a survival knife to cut a small piece of the package. At this point, insert the middle wave at the bottom corner of the right part. The lower part is the central fissure and the upper part acts as the nucleus of the heart. Now you need to arrange your candle in the shape of a heart.

You can create a heart-shaped bonfire by placing an AA battery directly on top of the jar wrap strip. Make sure the end of the strip facing the positive end is lit before inserting the AA battery into the opposite end of the wrapping bowl. The narrow core of the strip stores most of the energy and eventually burns out. Keep a bowl of water nearby while you put out the fire and watch the experiment closely.

Pot chewers who like to keep their hands busy rejoice: turning those gum wrappers into hearts is the perfect way to effectively use movement while blowing bubbles, and maybe make a sweet gesture for a loved one. Gifting someone special with a potted origami heart is a simple yet beautiful way to say you’ve been thinking about them.

If you’ve ever folded a dollar bill into a heart, you’re probably familiar with the process of creating heart wrappers. Easy enough for even a complete origami beginner to master.

Creating a structure

Carefully cut or tear one end of the paper to make the rectangular jar wrapper into a rectangle. If the wrap is twice as long as it is wide, fold it in half to make a square. Determine where to cut the wrap, fold it in half and squeeze diagonally so the short side of the wrap lines up with the long side. Trim off any excess, then fold the square in half to create a second crease that divides the paper into four triangles.

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Make it the first quality

Place the unfolded wrapped rectangles in front of you (corners pointing up) facing the way you want them to show on the finished heart. Fold the top edge to meet the crease in the middle of the wrap and fold to hold the edge. Fold the bottom edge up to meet the top of the paper. The wrapper should look like a crushed hexagon with six points.

Make a heart shape

Take the bottom edge of the right side of the envelope and fold it on the diagonal so that this edge of the paper matches the middle crease. Repeat this fold on the left side, bringing the bottom edge up to meet the center crease. At this point the wrapper extends down the middle of a boxy heart.

Finish the heart wrap bowl.

Fold the corners of the wrapper down, leaving the bottom to form a soft heart shape. If necessary, trace the wave using a plastic card, but this shape should remain intact by wrapping the gum.

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