How to Make a Monster High House

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Your Monster High dolls deserve a warm and cozy home – and you can make one yourself! In this guide, we’ll help you out by listing steps on how to make your very own Monster High house.

Building your own Monster High house

Prepare the frame and walls of the house

There are two ways to do this: by either using an old doll house you don’t use (e.g., Barbie houses) or manually putting together cardboard boxes to form a house frame and walls. If you have an old Barbie house you don’t use anymore, you can simply grab that (make sure it has at least 3 rooms).

There are also other thrift stores (online and on garage sales) where you can buy used doll houses that have enough space for your Monster High doll to stand, move around, and sleep on. Simply ask your parents when making purchases.

If you don’t have any used dollhouses, no problem! Simply make your own Monster High house using cardboard. You can grab cereal boxes, shoe boxes, and the like. All you need to do is to glue them together. You can ask your parents for help when cutting pieces together to form a 3-story house for your Monster High dolls.

Paint and decorate

Now that you have the base of your Monster High house, you can freely decorate! Paint the walls with whatever you like or what the doll likes. Acrylic paint is usually the best when it comes to painting over a plastic material. For cardboard, poster paint is also okay to use.

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Remember that if you need to paint your doll house, make sure to do it in an open space to avoid the bad smell from getting trapped (especially if you use acrylic paint). You also need to put newspaper or cover at the bottom to avoid spills.

Add furniture 

There is a lot of miniature furniture out there available in stores (just ask your parents) but make sure they fit your Monster High house. If you can’t find any, you can simply use smaller cardboard boxes or containers to serve as your doll’s cozy furniture.

When making a bed for your Monster High doll, get help from your parents and create a mini mattress using a rectangular fabric sewn together. Put stuffing inside (e.g., cotton) and then have it sewn by your parent or any responsible adult. You can also add a bed sheet, curtains, and more.


Building a Monster High house only takes imagination if you don’t have an actual doll house or items. Simply ask your adults at home for help and together, out of old recycled materials you can find at home, you can create your very own Monster High house!

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