How to make a Rope Swing in less than 15 Minutes

How to make a Rope Swing in less than 15 Minutes
How to make a Rope Swing in less than 15 Minutes
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Summer is officially here. Which means it’s time to entice the kids away from the TV and outside into the fresh air – and what better way to do so than with a rope swing?

Too impatient for handiwork? Or maybe you just don’t fancy a big project? No problem. There’s no need to spend hours reading step-by-step guides on ‘how to make a rope swing’ or waste your weekends drilling and sawing and making inevitable mistakes. You can just cheat instead.

Plenty of ready-made rope swings are now available to buy online, which come complete with a pre-prepared swing seat and pre-spliced ropes – such as those for sale in the ‘Play is Fun!’ collection at RopesDirect. All of which are affordable to buy and (importantly) quick and easy to install.

It’s a bit of a no-brainer.

Invest in a pre-made swing, get the job done and dusted in less than 10-15 minutes, and leave yourself ample time to put your feet up and enjoy the sunshine.

The fast route to a working rope swing

Step 1: Choose a branch

First things first, you’ll need to consider which tree branch in your garden will work best.

Safety is the priority here.

Certain tree types are unsuitable for a rope tree swing. For example, whilst fruit trees and evergreens are too delicate and prone to breakage, hardwoods – such as oak, ash and maple – are strong and sturdy enough to support the weight, therefore making them a sensible choice.

Ideally, the branch itself should also have a circumference measuring at least 65cm. To ensure there’s enough clearance for the swing to be used safely and comfortably, it needs to be approximately 2-3 metres above the ground and around 1-2 metres away from the trunk.

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Step 2: Make the purchase

Once you’ve selected a branch, the next step is to buy your tree swing and wait for it to arrive.

You’ll find there are many options available online, with something to suit all gardens and preferences – including wooden, plastic and rubber swings. Typically, these ready-made packages include the swing seat itself, plus two ropes measuring around 2-2.5 metres in length.

In some cases, you may also need to buy extension ropes to extend the swing’s overall length.

If you decide to shop with RopesDirect, these can be very easily added to your basket before checking out. And as long as your order is placed by midday, it’ll all arrive on the next working day.

Step 3: Hang your new rope swing

Ready-made rope swings are specifically designed with easy installation in mind. To ensure they’re up and swinging as quickly as possible, they usually come with instructions for assembly. RopesDirect, for example, have lots of guides and tutorial videos on their website to make things easier.

Generally speaking, you’ll need to:

  • wrap or throw the spliced loop of each rope (or extension rope) over the end of the bough
  • pass the tails through the spliced loop
  • let the loop ride up to the bough and tighten in place
  • attach the swing seat, either using overhand knots or quick links
  • adjust the ropes to level off the swing and achieve the optimal height

Before allowing your child to use their new play equipment, it’s also worth double checking that all connections are secure – perhaps by testing it out yourself. If the swing feels stable under your weight and the branch doesn’t bounce as you swing, that’s it – your job is done, and it’s time to relax!

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Buy your ‘cheat’ rope tree swing today

And have it ready for swinging by this time tomorrow.

Summer is far too short to waste time cutting and drilling wood and worrying if your DIY attempt is actually safe for use. Do yourself a favour and take the fast route with a ready-made tree swing.

Nobody will ever know… except for the kids – who might wonder how you managed it so quickly!

If you are tempted to “cheat”, why not head over to RopesDirect and check out their full range of rope swings? Or, if you’re sceptical about just how quick and convenient their outdoor rope swings are to install, be sure to watch this tutorial video on their YouTube channel. It really does take just 15 minutes!

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