How to prepare for the NATA exam at home?

How to prepare for the NATA exam at home?
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It is needless to say that the pandemic has left everyone inside the home. Most of the people are staying at home, isolating themselves. However, the government is relaxing a few movements and activities to stabilize the economy. Yet! There is one sector that is getting affected the most during this pandemic. This is the education sector.

In fear of the virus affecting the kids, the government is freezing the schools, colleges, coaching centers, and other institutes to operate. This, as a result, is affecting the preparation of several aspiring students and participants. There are many competitive exams, including the entrance exam taking place at these times. But aspirants with a lack of classes appear their test without much preparation.

Thanks to all the online coaching platforms that are helping all the aspirants to prepare online. But still, many aspirants are unable to access preparation at the online platform. It may be due to a lack of smart devices, internet, or maybe the enrollment cost. Thus, this post brings you some of the most needed tips to prepare for the NATA exams at home.

NATA preparation at home- Tips that will help you most

Study and practice regularly each day

A day passed will never come, especially when you have less time left for the preparations. Further, competition in NATA is rock solid. You have to compete along with thousand others. Thus, you need to study every day till your exam comes. Regularity and consistency in preparation is the key requirement. If you think taking a day off will not matter, then you might be wrong. Keep revising the things that you have studied, and then update yourself with all the new entries.

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Moreover, hard work with consistency is all you need. Your dedication to acquire the score in NATA should get indulged in your preparation. It is because; this is what will help you become an architect.

Always find previous year question sets to practice

The next most vital thing that matters is preparing from the old question paper. You may think that past questions are of no use, but you are not right! Older question papers may not offer you the questions you will face this year, but they will help you know the difficulty level. The older question papers will help you know what the patterns are and how your preparation is. At times, aspirants need to check how prepared they are? In such cases, the old question papers are the best ways to find out. Download NATA Aptitude Questions PDF.

One more thing that you can practice with older question papers is accuracy and speed. You can attend to the questions by setting the time limit to help you whether you are fast or not. You should also find out the sectional time and practice accordingly.

Stay in consultation with your tutors and mentors

It doesn’t mean that preparing at home is all about reading alone. Instead, you should always stay connected to your tutor and mentor. You may not visit them, but you can use another approach of communication like virtual calls to take advice and consultations from them. The tutor will always guide you with all the latest materials that will help you prepare in a more precise way. The tutor will also help you with any of the hassles that you have. You may clear all your doubts in any particular section that you have.

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Make a precise timetable

This is the most indispensable approach to getting prepared for your NATA. Setting a timetable will eliminate all obstacles and help you find out all the time you need for self-study. Further, you must prepare your timetable based on your syllabus. Divide your time and read as per it. You can also make one more timetable that will include two sections with time. It includes revision of older studies and appearing the old question papers.

Some additional tips for preparation

  • You must not lose your patience
  • Appear as much as a mock test as you can
  • Always make shorter notes to take reference from
  • Take maximum rest before the exam
  • Ensure a healthy lifestyle


Keeping it short, these are the tips that will help you with great NATA preparation. Now that you know the tips, you should do your best to get the best score. Further, you should never back down from self-study.

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