How to Print a Document, Picture, or Another File

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Programs for opening files and documents vary from one to the next. Consequently, we are only able to provide a general outline of the printing process. There may be exceptions to the general rule, so see your document or file’s instructions for specifics. Many applications, however, have adopted a uniform printing technique.

Make sure your printer is switched on and setup appropriately before continuing. Learn how to set up and install a computer printer.

Printing a document, photograph, or other file:

  • Ctrl+P on a PC or Command+P on an Apple computer is a keyboard shortcut that may be used before attempting the next tasks.
  • Open the document or file that you wish to print by clicking on the print button. A word processor like Microsoft Word or a text editor like Notepad might be used to open the document.
  • Open the document or file that you wish to print by clicking on the print button on the toolbar.
  • Open the file menu by choosing File and then Print from the drop-down menu in the application window or browser you’re using.
  • It’s possible to further customize the printing process once any of the above selections are completed (e.g., number of copies). Click OK or Print to begin printing after making your selections.
  • On a computer, how to open, view, and edit a file.
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Selecting and printing text or images from a web page:

Whenever you print a page from a printer-friendly site like Computer Hope, all of the non-essential navigation menus and other elements are automatically deleted.

Following these instructions will let you print simply a portion of a webpage or a single image.

The text or image may be copied and pasted into a document if you want to print just parts of it. It’s time to print the document when all the information has been brought together.

Selected text may be printed in any browser. You may access the print choices by selecting the text you wish to print and pressing the Ctrl+P on a PC or the Command+P on an Apple computer keys. Select “Selection alone” or “Selection” in the print choices box.

When I print, it saves to a file instead of printing:

Multiple printers may be installed on a computer at the same time. A printer’s save-to-file or PDF capability saves printed pages to a computer’s hard drive instead of a printer. Otherwise, it’s possible that your default printer was set to something else after installing one of these programs.

Before you begin printing, double-check that you have selected the proper printer, check out https://printersguy.com. To ensure that the proper printer is used every time you print, you may modify your default printer setting.

All print jobs are forwarded to a queue if the printer is not operational, online, or ready to print. All open tasks should continue as soon as the printer is ready. If the jobs don’t restart, there’s either something wrong with the printer or something else is going on. Restarting the print process, canceling all other print jobs, and then retrying is one way to check for a problem.

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Find out how to see and cancel a print job in Windows by following these simple steps:

As long as the network printer is online, you can’t use it to print anything. Printers are marked as offline if they aren’t really connected to the network, aren’t powered on, or have some other network-related problem.

The Bottom Line:

There are a few older apps that still allow you to print by pressing the print screen or print screen key on your keyboard. If the preceding steps don’t work, try tapping this key to print the document or file. The printer or its drivers may be malfunctioning if you can find the print option but it is grayed out or you get an error.