How to Record Screen via iFun Screen Recorder

How to Record Screen via iFun Screen Recorder
How to Record Screen via iFun Screen Recorder
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It’s just like what we all love is a great treasure. We capture the photos and then store them in the collection to generate memories. However, in the modern world, we have more options to store memories on mobile phones. A mobile phone is good for saving a copy of the screen. It helps by editing, capturing, and sending the video image. However, this feature is not available for PCs

So, if you have a PC that needs to record a part of the screen, iFun Screen Recorder goes to your guide. iFun Screen Recorder is an external application to help and capture screen developments. A free screen saver to remove and use. Yes, you heard right, it’s a free screen recorder to download and use. You can download it on PC or use the internet. No application is available on Google Play or the App Store.

Main Feature of iFun Screen Recorder

Although the main purpose behind the iFun Screen Recorder is to record video on the screen. Nowadays web-based media applications are the best way to connect individuals in all parts of the world. Individual Telecommute was introduced. You may need to save some video or audio tapes to live events. iFun Screen Recorder can help and duplicate a screen as it sounds. iFun Screen Recorder to help with recording internet transactions.

iFun Screen Recorder is an important among the other screen recording applications available for download from the Website. iFun Screen Recorder is a special application used by many people around the world or have a live chat with loved ones, and you can record everything that happens on the PC. This application is a common practice for PC buyers. This application is easy to operate on PC. This application can be downloaded on Windows PC. It is quick to respond and easy to operate. The easy-to-use application allows you to enjoy capturing developments on the screen.

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More Features of iFun Screen Recorder

In addition to that, the product eliminates the laziness of the videotape, and it has nearly 12 different types of formats to make the essay live. This is the same across device types with simple changes starting from the configuration and working backwards. A component of high -speed video tapes that alters the memory for the result is easy to differentiate with other external mixers when the quality of the video tape is compromised.

To include the above restriction, customers can capture screenshots in real time while the capture is in progress. So don’t stop the video tape for a good picture; a time of flight and speed.

Ups and Downs of iFun Screen Recorder


  • Free to use.
  • Screen capture and video recording.
  • More than 12 video formatsto save.
  • HD recording and unlimited recording time.
  • Free from malware and other malicious documents.
  • Easy distribution and transfer over a wide range of video tapes.
  • Including Facecam and voice capture.
  • Advantages to use with an easy-to-use interface.

Those are Worth Noting:

  • Record games and recordings in 4K resolution up to 60 fps without being lazy.
  • The mouse symbol can be changed to make it more attractive for visitors to see.
  • High-light those need to be noticed.
  • You can add your own hotkeys to make the recording start and stop just a piece of cake.
  • Edit the video immediately when you finish the recording.
  • Share your works as soon as you finish the recording or editing.

Final research

As we close the survey on the iFun Screen Recorder, it may be considered the most intelligent and predictive screen recorder that we can use it for different purposes. There are many wonderful things that attract our attention, such as, free, no watermark, and built-in video editor. You can find more than we talked about when you use it. If you don’t want to download or install an application, online screen recorder from IObit can help you record your screen like iFun Screen Recorder does.

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