How To Select The Best Accommodation For Honeymoon Couples In Amsterdam 

How To Select The Best Accommodation For Honeymoon Couples In Amsterdam 
How To Select The Best Accommodation For Honeymoon Couples In Amsterdam 
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The best thing about weddings is when you travel for the honeymoon with your spouse.  

Honeymoon culture dated back to the fifteen century and was celebrated by several European cultures in a bid to welcome couples into married life. Hence when the couple got married, they were given gifts, such as wine, on their honeymoon. 

Today, honeymoons can happen immediately after the wedding reception or take several days or weeks, depending on the couples’ budget. One of the best honeymoon destinations couples like to visit, is Amsterdam due to its cultural attractions and cozy city ambiance.  

However, finding the perfect accommodation places might be tricky if you have never visited Amsterdam.  

Continue reading this article to learn more about selecting the best accommodation for honeymoon couples in Amsterdam. 

Types of Accommodation in Amsterdam 

When visiting Amsterdam for the first time, things such as location, estimated budget, and how long your stay is, are essential to consider.  

Some places are more expensive, while other places are more affordable than others, so it all narrows down to your preferences. Read on to learn more about where to stay for your honeymoon in Amsterdam.  

1. Hotels 

Hotels are among the most common places where people visiting a new place will stay. This is because there are many reviews online by people who had initially stayed there. In addition, most hotels have a variety of amenities, including; swimming pools, room service, and even gyms.  

Therefore, you can discover the perfect hotel in Amsterdam by checking out reviews online and asking for recommendations from family and friends. For instance, you will find many reviews for the Amsterdam Hotel: Crowne Plaza Amsterdam South with high ratings. This hotel is perfect for leisure travelers as it offers exceptional services.  

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Some of their loved amenities include free Wi-Fi, a fitness center, and a functional workspace if you want to work while on your trip. 

2. Bed and Breakfast 

If you want a more personalized experience upon arrival in Amsterdam, consider staying at a bed and breakfast, commonly known as BnB’s.  

BnBs are a type of accommodation where you are paid for a place to sleep during the night and then served breakfast in the morning by the staff. However, some BnBs offer lunch and dinner options for their guests. 

The good thing about staying at a BnB is that you enjoy home-cooked meals, which can be tweaked depending on your preference. Also, most BnBs provide an authentic experience as most are located on historical sites. 

3. Hostels  

Another place where you can stay for your honeymoon in Amsterdam is the hostels. Hostels offer a cheaper alternative to hotels and BnBs as they are pretty affordable; thus, this is where you should stay if you have a tight budget. 

Also, they have flexible booking options such as private rooms or dormitory-style accommodation. Hence you can change the accommodation options depending on your travel needs.  

4. Houseboats 

When visiting Amsterdam for the first time, you will see many tourists and locals staying on houseboats as they let you experience the Dutch lifestyle on the water. Houseboats provide a unique and memorable experience that allows you to bond with your partner during your honeymoon. 

In addition to that, houseboats have stunning views since they have a waterfront location in the city. Thus, you can get excellent pictures with your partner during your honeymoon in Amsterdam. 

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Tips to Select the Best Accommodation for Honeymoon Couples in Amsterdam 

There are a few things you should evaluate if you want to relish your stay in Amsterdam. Below are some tips for assessing if you want a perfect honeymoon in Amsterdam; 

1. Book Your Stay In Advance  

Amsterdam is one of the largest cities in the Netherlands that tourists like to visit in the Netherlands. It is almost impossible to visit the whole place, so it’s crucial that you first choose the places you want to visit and then reserve a place to stay.  

For example, if you want to visit the Van Gogh Museum or the canals, then you should choose hotels, houseboats, or serviced apartments near those places in advance.  

2. Pick Places With Romantic Ambience 

Since you are going to Amsterdam for your honeymoon, you should pick a room or place meant for couples. This means choosing a place with cozy rooms, large windows with a scenic view, and even large balconies to help you and your partner relax together. 

Additionally, you can also choose a place to stay that is near tourist attraction sites that will enhance your romantic experience with your partner. For example, you could visit the Ann Frank House, the Royal Palace Amsterdam, and Dam Square, 

3. Look For 24 Hr Check-in Period 

When booking a place to stay, be it a hotel or a serviced apartment, you must first check their check-in options. The best-preferred place to stay is a place that has a 24-hr check-in period, as you will have more flexibility on when to arrive.  

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Choosing a hotel with a more lenient cancellation policy will help you get your money back in peace in case of any travel restrictions.  

4. Evaluate Honeymoon Budget While Planning Travel  

You should evaluate your budget when picking a place in Amsterdam for your honeymoon. If you are on a fixed budget, consider staying in hostels or BnBs, as they are more affordable than some hotels. 

Likewise, you should remember that some hotels offer discounts for people visiting Amsterdam for honeymoons. Thus, it’s essential that you research your options first before reserving a place for your honeymoon visit in Amsterdam.  


Amsterdam is one of the best destination places to visit for your honeymoon. You can cycle around the city and visit parks and art centers. Also, you can visit museums and try famous Dutch cuisines such as the State, Poffertjes, and Stamppot. 

Interestingly, the critical issue is the place where you stay. Many different places can offer accommodation in Amsterdam. Hotels are the most common places visitors stay, but you can also stay at hostels, houseboats, and even BnBs. In addition, when visiting Amsterdam, only visit places within your budget.   

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