How to Use Progress Tracking to Increase Retention and Motivate Clients

How to Use Progress Tracking to Increase Retention and Motivate Clients
How to Use Progress Tracking to Increase Retention and Motivate Clients
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Keeping progress track of your clients individually for health and fitness purposes is difficult and time-consuming to some extent if you do it manually. When it comes to running an online fitness business and managing your client’s everyday activities like attendance, training sessions, and progress report, all you need to do is, engage with your clients and keep all their data in one place. For that, an online progress tracker is an easy and automated way to keep track of clients’ progress effectively.

Online fitness platforms, gym owners, and personal trainers can only achieve their goals in business if they take good care of their clients and meet their expectations. When you give easy access to your clients to see their progress reports and other information regarding health improvement, it will boost their energy level and keep them motivated. Consequently, it causes increasing retention and getting more clients for your business which means getting more profits.

To know more about how you can motivate your clients using progress tracking, keep reading!

Streamline The Client’s Data And Progress

Streamline The Client’s Data And Progress

Progress tracker integrated with online fitness tools keeps up to date with the clients’ progress and all basic data of your clients including assignment plans, files, documents, timelines, etc. The clients can also see their progress and get feedback from the trainers on certain fitness activities. This feature of online fitness software gives clients the energy to achieve their fitness goals. Look at some points below telling how progress tracking is helpful in an online fitness business:

  • It shows the overall journey of a client on its timeline.
  • The trainers assign various diet plans as well as training plans to the clients.
  • The clients can submit their assigned tasks and get feedback and reports as result.
  • They can also see their progress day by day with help of graphs and numbers given in the tracking progress feature.
  • The files and documents can also be exchanged in one place.
  • A record of all follow-up sessions is also available on the progress tracker.
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When individuals get such easy access to their progress report, they analyze their performance keeping in mind where they were standing before and what improvements they have made and what they need to enhance their progress. This way, they push themselves to put more energy into getting focused and achieve their fitness goals in a particular time period. Likewise, the newcomers would be inspired after seeing such motivated staff and members. As a result, your business certainly will touch your desired heights.

Provide Great Experience To The Clients

Provide Great Experience To The Clients

Tracking client progress is beneficial for both clients and the business. Along with this, it also provides them with a great experience. A trainer always knows what tasks he/she has assigned to the clients and what are still pending. Similarly, the clients are also aware of the type of classes they have taken and know what they will be learning in upcoming training sessions. A trainer should also track the number of things given below in order to provide their clients with an engaging environment.

  • Everyday general activities
  • Sleep durations
  • Diet Awareness
  • Meal plans 
  • Daily or weekly training sessions

By taking care of these little things, you can ensure that your visitors and clients have a great experience. In short, a happy customer is a reason for a successful business.

Motivate The Clients With Fitness Challenges

Giving fitness challenges to your clients is another way to increase their retention. Fitness challenges will add up to a competitive factor encouraging your clients to try hard and fast. Secondly, they will keep your clients motivated and make the workout fun. 

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These small fitness challenges enhance the confidence and interest of your clients keeping them happy and helping to achieve their main fitness goals in no time. Along with motivating clients, they also stay the gym trainers motivated and inspired.

How Does Mevolife Fitness Software Keep Tracking Progress?

MevoLife fitness software provides an automated way to track progress and helps to grow your business effectively. It provides different training programs which help to keep your clients excited and inspired. The following are some main points that make MevoLife software worth buying.

  • Its progress tracker is super easy and faster lets you know about the clients’ progress of all time. 
  • Its auto-alert feature keeps you up to date with your work deadlines, diet plans, goals, and other activities. 
  • Video sessions and group classes can also be held to engage the clients with each other in order to provide a more learning environment. 
  • The progress of the clients gets synced to your dashboard and can be seen anytime.

In short, by using online fitness software, you get so many wonderful features and keep track of everything you’ve done in your online class.


Tracking the progress of your clients is not difficult today if you have an online fitness tool to run your fitness business. As a trainer, you need to stay motivated throughout the training sessions if you want to inspire and motivate your clients. Then you should create an online learning environment that inspires your clients by engaging with effective and interesting workouts. Online fitness tools, such as MevoLife fitness software, create an opportunity for trainers to grow their gyms and other fitness businesses, and for clients to achieve their fitness goals at the same time.  

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