How to Write a Resume for a Retired Military Officer

How to Write a Resume for a Retired Military Officer
How to Write a Resume for a Retired Military Officer
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Many veterans will be glad to find professional military resume writers to get an efficient resume for their new civil job. A lot of people who spent years in the army find it more challenging to complete a qualitative resume and highlight valuable skills for a civilian job.

Moreover, many veterans underestimate themselves and usually avoid useful facts about themselves that they can mention in their civil resumes. But this is a false statement. And in this article, we will tell you how to make strong resumes for civilian jobs, so you will see that there are always things that will make you a demanded candidate for a chosen job. 

Begin with Your Professional Level

Your military-to-civilian resume should begin with basic information about you and your key skills and advantages. Include information about:

  • The summary of your service. You need to briefly explain specific tasks combined with your duty to show that you gained enough skills for a chosen working sector.
  • Years of experience. It is a crucial part. With it, you will show your potential employers that you have enough time to master demanded skills. 
  • Skills. You need to show your managers that you have enough transferable skills to work with them. For example, it can be communication, analytics, logistics, and supply chain management. 
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The variety of skills is significant. The modern army is focused on various skills, and even if you were unfamiliar with cybersecurity and IT, you could still include that you had enough experience being in charge of units. 

Show Why You Are a Great Candidate with Achievements

When you start ahead with your headline, years of experience, and critical skills, you should make all the information about your years of service clear and understandable to HR personnel. Here, you should talk about your achievements. 

First, don’t forget that many people are not familiar with military terms, and they will barely understand advanced army language. So you should avoid using it. There are two main benefits of avoiding military slang:

  • Your resume will be entirely understandable, and it will allow you to express your key points in a much better way. 
  • You will show your potential colleagues that you are focused on more than just the army and are well-integrated into a civil routine. 

Also, it is vital to highlight your achievements with specific digits. If you want to tell employers about your logistic successes, don’t hesitate to mention the cost of the equipment you operated with. It will bring you more trust and show you understand the value of different items in your work. 

However, filtering the information you provide in your resume is crucial. For example, if you say that you worked with millions of dollars’ worth of equipment, small companies will be shocked by such information. 

Also, if you want to include combat achievements proving that you are a stress-resistant person, you should avoid giving more specific information about combat details. Just focus on yourself and include that you are capable of making hard decisions and keeping your head cold in stressful situations. 

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Include Information About Education and Relevant Certificates

If you want to reduce the gap between military jobs and civilian jobs, you should pay attention to providing different certificates that highlight your most vital skills. 

For example, if you have enough experience in logistics and want to show that such a skill will be helpful in marketing, it would be a great idea to enhance your experience by completing a particular course. It will grant you a certificate that will be useful in your resume. Also, don’t hesitate to include information about your education. 

Additionally, it is crucial to prove that your military experience will come in handy in a civilian job. Attaching different keywords and other important information about how you will implement your skills in a new position will be an excellent idea. But don’t forget that, by doing so, and you need to plan your further speech. If employers are interested in inviting you to the interview, they will definitely ask more about described cases. 

Why is It Not So Hard to Write a Military to Civilian Resume?

You don’t need to be a skillful writer to complete a professional resume for your needs. But you need to think a lot about what to mention in it. Consider how your knowledge base will be integrated into your new career and how to highlight all the points correctly. 

Think about the specialization of your skills and, of course, think about the sector you want to work in. When you know exactly what you want and are looking for, you will ease all the challenges of getting a strong military veteran resume.

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