How Truck Accidents Can Happen

How Truck Accidents Can Happen
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Driving a motor vehicle puts you at risk of crashing with a semi-truck. The kind and seriousness of truck accidents depend on a lot of factors such as the kind of truck and the actions of the trucker that lead up to the accident. To understand your options following a truck accident, you should contact a Caruso Law Offices, P.C. truck accident attorney. Your attorney can also explain the different kinds of truck accidents and how the resulting injuries can change your life. 

Kinds of Trucks

The kind of truck that collided with you can affect the kind of accident you were in. The truck’s weight, size, and style may change factors or conditions of the crash. For instance, an accident with a flatbed could result in cargo releasing into the road. When this happens, the cargo will hit other vehicles or pedestrians. Also, the vehicle’s setup could impact the way the truck collides with another vehicle. For example, 18-wheelers that pull a trailer may crash differently from residential mail delivery trucks.  The majority of semi-trucks haul products and goods for consumers across the country. Also, dump trucks may haul other kinds of materials. Accidents that involve all kinds of trucks can be fatal. 

  • Tractor-trailers. These trucks are designed to have a cab that pulls a closed trailer for hauling cargo. They have big blind spots and require additional space around them to ensure safety.
  • Flatbed trucks. These 18-wheelers haul open flatbed trailers rather than enclosed cargo containers. Usually, they carry oddly shaped cargo like vehicles or lumber.
  • Mail trucks. Drivers of these trucks could be distracted as they look at the road, house numbers, and pieces of mail at the same time. 
  • Garbage and utility trucks. These trucks have limited visibility and big blind spots. They are usually used for hauling heavy loads of dirt, gravel, and trash.
  • Tanker trucks. These vehicles carry hazardous materials like toxic liquids or gasoline. Accidents that involve them can be fatal because the dangerous materials may be released or ignited during the crash.
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Common Trucking Accidents

Every truck accident is unique, although they share some similarities because of the truck’s structure. Some trucks can collide with another vehicle in some ways. The trucker is responsible for controlling their vehicle while driving in dangerous conditions like downhill or when they take a curve. Some of the common truck accidents include those that happen due to the blind spot of a truck, an underride or override accident, and a jackknife accident.

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