JEE Main 2020

This is how you can crack JEE Main 2020 in 2 months

JEE Main is one of the most prominent entrance examinations in the country. Lakhs of aspirants prepare for this exam every year. It’s the gateway to the dream institutes of every Engineering aspirant, the Indian Institutes of Technology, popularly known as the IITs.

During the normal times, aspirants were also preparing for JEE Main 2020 April session with the same kind of enthusiasm. In the middle of the preparation, COVID-19 happened and changed everything. The pandemic has resulted in the shutting down of schools and coaching centres, which was a big dent in the aspirants’ preparation.

JEE Main 2020 has already been postponed twice, and aspirants must be hoping that the new dates of 1st to 6th September 2020 remain the final dates. However, with all the disturbance caused by the pandemic and as a result of its consequences, the aspirants have surely lost focus from their overall preparation.

To deal with something of this kind is difficult but preparing for an exam like JEE Main in the midst of all this more than difficult. With less than two months left to the exam, there is a lot of anxiety and uneasiness amongst the students concerning the exam. Keeping in mind the best interest of students during this pandemic and with the motive of continuous learning, myPAT, online learning and assessment platform, has started its 14-day free trial version for all its courses. You need to visit the website, sign up for your course and avail the benefits.

With the feature of attempting mock test on real-like exam screen, myPAT allows its users to get a feel of the exam before the actual exam and help them develop exam readiness. An exam like JEE Main requires an excellent command and clarity on concepts. Therefore, myPAT emphasises on providing the same to its users with 20-minute subject-wise concept tests.

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How does it help?

myPAT provides an in-depth analysis of the user’s test attempt on its platform. One of the features that it provides is the Comparative Analysis feature wherein you can compare your performance with the average and top scorers.

For example, when you take a test on myPAT and once you submit your test, you will get a detailed personalised analysis of your attempt that includes the comparative analysis which shows where you stand amongst the topper and average scorer.

The Comparative Analysis feature can be used in these five steps:

  • Student Representation through Colours: Your performance is represented by the colour “Blue”. The average student’s performance is shown by the colour “Yellow”. The topper’s performance is indicated by the colour “Green”.
  • Comparison by different Parameters: You can also compare your subject-wise performance based on the type of question, difficulty and skill.
  • In-depth Comparison using Filters: You can easily choose to view the comparison under filters like Test Score, Attempt Rate, Accuracy Rate, Negative Marks and Time Taken.
  • Problem Identification: You can check whether the question attempted by you is correct or incorrect.
  • Finding Solution to the Problem: The detailed solution of every question is also available to help you understand the right way of solving a particular question.

With features like those mentioned above, your preparation can take a guaranteed boost in the last two months before the exam. Online practise is a must for JEE aspirants and you can do precisely the same here. Sitting against a computer for 3 hours is also a challenge that many aspirants face and this problem can also be solved by attempting the 3-hour full test on myPAT.

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Aspirants can also solve previous year papers with their course and take full advantage of the offerings. The times are tough, but you are tougher. It’s high time now and all-important to stay focused for JEE Main 2020. You can recalibrate your revision strategy and boost your preparation by starting your free 14-day trial on myPAT. There is no one stopping you from securing your dreamt rank and college now! All the best for your exam.



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