How You Can Make Your Business Website Stand Out From All the Rest

How You Can Make Your Business Website Stand Out From All the Rest
How You Can Make Your Business Website Stand Out From All the Rest
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Regardless of what you do or which niche you happen to work in, there’s a very good chance that other companies do almost the same thing. This not only makes life very difficult for you, but it can be confusing for customers, who are then likely to make a decision based on price alone.

This can get you into what could be a ‘race to the bottom ’situation, which is unlikely to end well, even for the winner. You can sidestep this particular pitfall, though, by making your website stand out from all the rest and looking at improving what you offer in several areas.

#1 Give Customers a Little Extra Something Extra in Their Orders

Everybody likes getting something for free, so this can be an easy way of making your business stand out from all the rest. You will need to select your free samples or custom swag carefully so that you don’t bankrupt yourself in the process, but giving away a relevant product with the purchase can be a good way of ensuring that the customer orders again.

Not only that, but if you give away branded items and they are of good quality, the customer is marketing for you every time they use or wear whatever it is you’ve given them, which can lead to extra sales as well

#2 Improve Web Accessibility

You can make yourself stand out from your competitors by ensuring that more people can use your website. This is not just through making sure that your website is updated regularly and looks good. You can also have options, either through overlays or on a programming level, to make it easier for your website to be used by those who might have cognitive auditory or visual disabilities, among others.

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Doing this also makes it more assessable to an aging population, those with temporary impairment, or even those just simply using the internet for the first time. You are likely to find a website with digital accessibility that is easy to use and will get a better response across the board than something which is needlessly intricate.

#3 Offer Excellent After-Sales Service

As a natural follow-on to both offering free items and greater accessibility to everybody, you should also set yourself apart from the others by offering excellent customer service. This should be from the point at which your potential customer lands on your website until the point at which they are ready to order again.

Many companies focus on the customer experience up to the point at which payment has taken place, and then everything else can seem like the customer is just some sort of afterthought. However, by updating the customer on the progress of their order from dispatch to delivery, they are kept in the loop throughout the entire process. Also, asking for feedback and rewarding a customer for doing so means that not only are you more likely to get that feedback, but they are more likely to order again, especially if that reward involves a discount on that next order.

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