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Randi B

This post was most recently updated on February 16th, 2023

It sounds good to think about living on your terms and doing what you want, but a few people achieve this satisfaction. One such individual is Randi B. She is an impassioned woman who, through her real-life experiences, has embarked on a journey to change her life and others. She has introduced diversity, equity, and inclusion to help other people of color.

Competent Enough to Lead the World

Randi B. is a strong, independent black woman who graduated from Tuskegee University and earned her Ph.D. from the University of Virginia. She has devoted most of her life to assisting other businesses in fostering more inclusive work environments by speaking the truth and having the courage to hear the truth from others. Randi also founded Bryant Consulting Group, a change management company, 21 years ago. She has worked with government organizations, startups, and Fortune 500 companies to help them transform their organizations into what they wanted.

Life Is the Biggest Inspiration

Her greatest source of inspiration for becoming a speaker and an activist for the black communities has been LIFE. Her conversations with her family also gave her the courage to express her ideas and opinions. Debate on a variety of topics while allowing everyone to express their views. Though sometimes Randi found herself alone in certain situations and felt alienated, she never stepped back in expressing her thoughts. Randi B. decided to support those having difficulty figuring out who they were, how they felt, and fit in society. James Baldwin and Maya Angelou are two authors she holds in high regard, and their work inspires her.

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Changing Lives Through Her Writings

Randi B., in her writings, always makes sure to keep the information relatable and tries to make it seem alive to the reader. She is so indulged and intensely lost in the story that she writes everything without editing. “All the Women in My Family Sing” and, “Women Write the World” are just a couple of the essays on equality, justice, and freedom that Randi B has written. She has been cited in Wall Street and the New York Times. Randi has written several speeches and articles. She has written two books, among them “Neversays: 25 Phrases You Should Never Ever Say to Keep,” being the most popular. 

Be Courageous Enough to Be Yourself

Randi B wants to create an ambiance where everyone feels comfortable being themselves, provides the tools they need to succeed, and is treated like a valued community member. She genuinely wants to make a difference in the world as the world is so diverse; she thinks that we must learn to accept and love one another. She has started to develop her online DEI academy. She writes a blog to guide people in exploring today’s myriad world. She has also planned to write another book which will be out soon.

“I was frequently trying to figure out how to fit in. Later I realized that fitting in wasn’t the right goal. The right goal is to create environments where I don’t feel the need to change myself to be accepted and appreciated.”

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