ICCouncil: Pioneering Tech-Enabled Transportation Training for Industry Transformation

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ICCouncil: Pioneering Tech-Enabled Transportation Training for Industry Transformation
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The trucking industry of today is transforming as we speak. It is enjoying a lot of innovations at the moment. When you talk about training for trucking professionals in particular, things have become a lot more sophisticated. The learning management software platforms available today have become a lot more efficient. The need for in-person classes and to commute to physical institutions and become a part of a traditional classroom has been eliminated. Everything has become digitized. The latest technological advancements have made this possible.

  • Focusing On Driver And Supervisor Training Together

Drivers and supervisors are two of the most important job roles in this industry. In the past, the training of these professionals in particular was very complicated and time-consuming as well. But trends are changing now and carriers prefer to invest in more advanced and software-enabled driver training methodologies that help them personalize the course curriculum and also reduce the risk of accidents.

There are video tutorials, 3D simulations, internet-enabled in-cab classes, online testing modules, and similar remote learning tools that allow drivers to imbibe the most relevant training and knowledge that is highly suitable to their skill set and enable them to excel in their job performance. Some of the training programs are also highly incentivized making them a great way to disseminate knowledge and also keep the candidate or driver highly motivated.

  • Technology That Simplifies Safety Training For Drivers

It is not just the US or Canada but several other countries in the world that have put numerous programs in place to enhance road transportation safety. The right combination of software and hardware enables them to keep track of the performance of individual drivers and train them in the most critical and relevant safety procedures. The same training records are maintained by organizations so that their potential clients can have a look at those safety records and parameters to determine whether they want to do business with them or not. 

  • Safety training is a very critical benchmark that helps trucking companies attract new clients and sustain their existing partnerships as well
  • Effective safety training for drivers, supervisors, and hazmat employees also enables the trucking company to save thousands of dollars that might get drained in case the driver meets with an accident or is not equipped with enough safety-related skills when carrying out a transportation job
  • Not just this, the company is also able to save on insurance rates and avoid fines and penalties that may arise due to compliance violations
  • Eco-driving is also a part of this training which helps them save on fuel costs significantly
  • The Curious Case Of Driver Turnover In The Transportation And Logistics Sector – Solved
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Over the years, there have been hundreds of cases of drivers, supervisors, and safety-sensitive position holders quitting their jobs for greener pastures. This trend needs to stop. The only way to make the trucking industry as popular as it was around a decade ago is to enhance driver retention. As a fleet owner, you must look at the big picture. The International Certifications Council says that adding a new technology into the mix is always going to help you save costs but training your drivers in that new technology is going to keep them satisfied and highly motivated.

There will always be a percentage of your drivers who are going to enjoy learning about these advancements. The rest will have to be encouraged a little more than others. It is also very practical and sensible to invest in highly user-friendly and intuitive technology that generates interest and curiosity among your drivers and supervisors to learn more about the advancements that are going on in their industry.

  • Introduce them to the simplicity of advanced software
  • Train them to use the latest equipment remotely with ease
  • Give them the necessary skills to communicate more efficiently with their team members and fellow drivers
  • Encourage them to participate in online evaluations and tests
  • Teach them to use the latest gadgets and tools to enhance vehicle security

This is not only going to keep their skill sets relevant but also current. It enhances their employability should they choose to take a different path down the line. Needless to say, it is also going to impact your goodwill positively in the market as a considerate and employee-focused organization.

  • Rectifying Rash Driver Behavior And Personalizing Training Modules
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Getting your drivers and supervisors on board when it comes to using new technology has become easier. Drivers are now being trained constantly and regularly. They are exposed not only to new technology and software but to better methodologies that aim to give them improved driving skills and safety maintenance capabilities as well.

  • The same technology keeps you updated as well on detailed driver behavior such as aggression, risky attitude, excessive speeding, harsh braking, tailgating, or rough cornering
  • This statistical data is recorded in the learning/training software so that the fleet managers or the upper managerial workforce can evaluate the same and rectify these behaviors before they start impacting the performance of the organization as a whole
  • These records also function as a powerful briefing tool for your drivers and can be used as a practical and informative premise for creating training programs tailored to the needs of individual drivers in your company
  • Choosing The Right Tools To Facilitate Driver Training And Development

The biggest advantage of this technological advancement is the wide plethora of options that you can use to train and develop driver skills. According to The International Certifications Council, you may also choose to incentivize the most desired driving habits. You can also encourage eco-driving through this training platform. All the fast learners in your company can be rewarded monetarily either using the same platform or perhaps through a different means of appreciation. This new and improved method of driver training helps build a new attitude and transform their behavior significantly and more rapidly. You can record a steep increase in their overall productivity and the efficiency of your organization’s operations very soon.

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Do You Know How ICCouncil Is Pioneering This Tech-Enabled Transformation Across The Transportation Industry?

Let’s be fair and put it out in the open that your drivers and supervisors are not going to be overly enthusiastic about any new technology being launched in or introduced to the business. You will have to work hard to gain their trust and to encourage them to give this new technology a chance. Computer-based learning or using a software platform to imbibe knowledge might not be up everyone’s alley.

For some, it could be a complicated learning curve. For others, it could be a fun way of interacting with their job. Every driver is unique and the ICCouncil understands that. This is why it is important to invest in our training platform for your drivers which is not only easy to use but highly result-oriented as well. Think about it.

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