IIFL Sub Broker – Business Models, Revenue Sharing, Investment & more

IIFL Sub Broker - Business Models, Revenue Sharing, Investment & more
IIFL Sub Broker - Business Models, Revenue Sharing, Investment & more

This post was most recently updated on May 16th, 2023

IIFL Securities began its operation in the year 1995. To this date, it has successfully spread its roots all across India. They are a fully independent full-service broker that provides multiple specialized and personalized services to its clients and customers.

The firm does not lack when it comes to providing services and products. For services, they support research-based advisory services and online trading on behalf of their clients. As for products, they trade in FDs, Bonds, IPOs, Loans, Insurance, Equities, Commodities, derivatives, and many more.

Partnership models and revenue sharing are explained further in the article.

About IIFL Franchise

Since its day of inception, the company has been termed one of the most innovative stockbrokers out there in the industry. However, it is to be noted that the organization began its operations in 1995, but the partnership models were initiated not before 2003.

But even within this short period, IIFL Franchise was able to form a vast network of sub-brokers and clients. To become a partner with the organization, the following criteria need to be met:

  • Have to be above 18 years of age.
  • Need to have a secondary education. Graduation can act as an added benefit.
  • Should have valid identity proof along with address proof.

Types of Business Models

The business models of IIFL securities are present in 4 types for the interested parties to choose from.


The sub-broker has multiple responsibilities. They need to provide all the services that the organization claims to provide, along with attaining new clients and retaining the old ones.

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They have specific quarterly/monthly/yearly targets that they need to meet to receive the promised remuneration.

Another Stock Broking Franchise which is as good as IIFL is Kotak Securities Franchise.

Employee or Entrepreneur

Individuals interested in having their setup and also being in a partnership with IIFL Securities should opt for this model. However, there is one criterion that the interested party needs to abide by, and that is having substantial 3-5 years of experience actively working in the financial service industry. 

Marketing Associate

A marketing associate gets to work at their discretion as the sole owner of the franchise. The responsibility under this business model is to use marketing tactics to promote IIFL securities products to the potential client base. 

The only requirement for this model is to have strong networking in the industry to increase the success rate of the marketing strategies. 

A direct sales agent or Remisier

This model has the perk of acting independently of the organization. By referring to the services and products of IIFL, the agent can earn an income. With some good connections and a name in the market, the individual will be easily able to have a constant source of secondary income.

Revenue Sharing

The overall commission can range from 25% to 80%. It depends on the services that the clients choose to take under the franchise. And based on the amount invested or profits earned, the brokerage/commission is charged to them.

Partnership ModelCommissionRevenue Sharing
Employee or Entrepreneur80%20%
Marketing Associate70%30%

From this commission earned, the sub-brokers or other partners get to receive a certain revenue share. The same is provided in the table above.

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One of the best things about the IIFL business partnership plans is that it does not require a hefty investment, unlike many of its peers in the market. All the sub-brokers need to provide is the security deposit.

Partnership ModelSecurity Deposit
Sub-BrokerRs.100,000 – Rs.200,000
Employee or EntrepreneurNo Charges
Marketing AssociateNo Charges

In many cases, this security deposit is also refundable if no situation arises where it needs to be used.


Since the business is well established with a good reputation in the market, they never fail to attract more and more customers. Thus, teaming up with them to provide services will unquestionably guarantee a steady flow of income.

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