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Within the business world, the goal is always growth. Growth is essential to keep a business going. It needs to be adaptable to the changing demands and desires of the public and be willing and ready to change with them as soon as it happens. As business owners, I am sure you are constantly looking at current markets and trends to see how things change and develop and you likely have a team of people ready to make the needed changes to keep you right there in the action. But could it be that you are overlooking a huge opportunity for business growth?

Getting the most out of your online presence

We all know what an important tool the internet is today. Likely, it is already making a big difference to your business. I know personally, if I am looking for a particular type of service, for example, a local florist, I will always opt for one of the florists that has a website I can view. Yes, just having a website in itself creates more growth and business. But did you know that even with a popular online presence, you could be missing out on over a billion potential customers or viewers of your site and by utilising a business like accessiBe you could access those people? How is that possible?

It may surprise you to learn that there are estimated to be over one billion disabled people in the world. A lot of these ones need additional help when using the internet depending on their disability. For example, a visually impaired person may need extra support to be able to read what is on the pages or have audio descriptions of any pictures. Or they may simply need the option of a larger font. Whereas a person living with a limb difference may need aids and adaptations to be able to use a mouse. Or it may be that they need to be able to access your whole site by using only the keyboard.

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As you can see the needs vary but the potential is all there for this extra business. So, what can you do? Firstly, don’t panic, this is not as big a job as it probably seems right now. There are companies that have all the software ready to do the hard work for you. This means it is cheap to do and involves less work for you. Any accessibility issues will be identified and amended. So get the software today, get your website accessible and enjoy that extra growth and customer base.


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