Insta Pro 2

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Insta Pro 2
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Insta Pro 2 is the modded version of simple Instagram where modified features of Instagram are available. It is quite different from the original Instagram. There are more features in this version than in the local Instagram. Fewer features of communication are present in the original Instagram, but here, you can choose customized communication features for the best communication. It is available in the link present on this page, where all its customized features are present.

Features like strict security and strong bonding with the followers are updated in this version. Due to the best privacy features, it is going to be famous day by day. If you are in search of an Instagram app version that gives you the reel-saving feature, then here you are in the real place, as the reel-saving features are also present in this version of Instagram. In addition, the list of the people who have unfollowed you is also present. Furthermore, the features of instapro 2 APK are mentioned below.

Features of Insta Pro 2:

Customize story quality

The story updated on the simple Instagram would not be updated as same as it was in the original. It will lose its quality. To overcome this issue, Insta Pro 2 Latest Version, offers a button where you can update the stories in their best and original quality. Stories would not lose their quality and would be updated the same as they were in the original. Due to these features, the audience of the story takes much more interest in it.

Unfollowed list

The following list will be available for you here. In this list, the people who have unfollowed you are included either they have unfollowed in the past or in the present. The people who have recently unfollowed you will be present at the top of the list, while the people who have unfollowed you in the past will be present at the lower corner of the list. With this feature, you can determine the results of real or fake friendships by analyzing this list.

Hide typing

It is common in simple Instagram that when someone is typing a message to inform his information, the others are informed that he is trying a message, but in this version, you can hide typing. By turning on this feature, typing gets hidden, and the receiver of the message you are typing is not informed about typing, and the message can be typed by keeping it private.

View stories without seeing.

In simple Instagram, stories can be seen, and the story update is informed about who has viewed his story. In this modded version, the story update does not inform who has viewed his story. If you have seen the story, your name will not be shown in the saw person list of the story sender. In this way, see the Instagram stories of your friends without informing them about the story seen.

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See messages as un-read

See all the messages of friends and don’t inform them about it. Opposite is present in the simple Instagram. When anyone views the messages of the sender person, the sender person gets informed about it instantly with date and time detail that leaks privacy. If someone wants strong privacy and wants to see the messages without a red mark, this version is best for those people as this feature is available in it.

Extended stories duration

In simple Instagram, the updating person can update the stories in only 10-15 seconds. In Insta Pro 2 New Version, you can update stories of more than fifteen seconds. The stories of sixty seconds can be updated here without losing original quality. By updating the story of sixty seconds, viewers took an interest in them and watched completely as the maximum part of the story content is described in it.

Top pictures quality

It is the best feature of this version that the picture can be sent in the top quality. The pixels of the pictures would not burst when it would be received by the receiver. In the simple Instagram, the pictures lose their original quality as they are received by the receiver. In addition, there is a button in the setting where the quality of pictures can be selected, sent, or received. Download Instapro 2 APK to use this feature.

Like by double tab

By tapping two times on the screen while viewing a story, like would be wished to it. This feature is only available in the Insta Pro 2 version of Instagram. In the simple Instagram version, the story would be skipped or turned off by taping two times on the screen, and to like the video there, you have to click on the like button, and the like would be shared with the video updating person.

Free of ads

In simple Instagram, the ads become a cause of interruption when we use it. But in the updated version, the ads have been blocked, and they do not interrupt when someone uses Instagram. Due to this feature, you can watch all the stories of your friends without any interruption issues and enjoy them. Furthermore, this feature also helps to talk with friends in fully free mode without ad interruption.

Long tap pictures zooming.

Pictures can be zoomed by a long tap. While using Instagram, if you like a picture and want to zoom it, just place your thumb or any finger on it for a long time, and it will be zoomed. The pixels of the picture would remain the same as they were without zooming. After zooming, it would come to its original position as it was before zooming by removing the placed thumb or finger.

Chat screen customization

The chat screen could be customized by adding additional features to it. In the customized items of the screen, wallpapers, various themes, chat colors, and various background colors are included. The screen would look beautiful after adding these to it. Message translators are also available and can be added to translate the message of any language.

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Three tap downloading

There is a story or picture you like the most; it can be downloaded by tapping three times. Do not try this feature in the simple Instagram, as it is not present there. By tapping three times on the related reel or picture, it would start downloading in its original quality. If you are downloading the reel, it would be downloaded in the same quality as it was in real and the picture would also be downloaded in the same quality as it was in real.

Font styles

Unlimited font styles are present in the Instapro 2 App that make your chats beautiful. The chats received by the others will also be in the same style as they were sent, and your chat screen will also look decent. To get unlimited font styles, just go to the settings of Insta Pro and click on the font styles button to get various fonts, which are twenty in number.

Fast video forwarding

As the videos are updated in the actual quality they are, they take more time to get forward to others. In the Insta Pro version of Instagram, this issue has been solved, and there is a fast video forwarding feature there. The videos are forwarded in the actual quality as they are in real. The pixels do not burst, and voice quality also remains good. Grow with Insta Pro on your device, as it is the best option to get famous in a natural way.

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Steps for downloading Insta Pro on Android devices:

Follow the mentioned steps for Insta Pro2 download apk.

● First step:

In this step, find the main link of Insta Pro 2. To find the link, you have to go to the Insta Pro main website or websites related to it from where you can also directly download it.

● Second Step:

As you find the link, click on it. After clicking the link, you will reach the download page or the main page of the Instagram website. In the case of the main page, find the download page link to reach the download page.

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● Third step:

After reaching the download page, find the download button and click on it; make the internet connection strong before clicking the download button; otherwise, it will not be downloaded fully.

● Fourth step:

The ads will appear as you click the Instapro 2 APK download button, but ignore them and move forward to the app download. If you would indulge in experiencing the ads, you may get scammed.

● Fifth step:

As the Insta Pro 2 is downloaded, it will be shown in the downloaded files section of Chrome on Android. Click on the Chrome icon and move to its downloaded files where it will be present.

● Sixth step:

After getting the downloaded file, follow the steps for installation to install it. It is necessary to follow all the steps in the proper order otherwise, all files will not be downloaded.

Steps for installing Insta Pro 2 on Android devices:

➔ Step one:

As you get the downloaded file, go to the settings of your Android device and find the unknown resources button there.

➔ Step two:

If you have already downloaded and installed an app, then it is not necessary to go to the unknown resources button of the Android.

➔ Step three:

After turning on the unknown resources button, go to Chrome and click on the downloaded files section to get the downloaded file of Insta Pro 2.

➔ Step four:

Click on the downloaded file. After getting the downloaded file, the internet connection is not necessary while it’s installed.

➔ Step five:

After clicking the downloaded file, the installation page will appear to you on the display of your device.

➔ Step six:

An install button will be present in the lower corner of the installation page. Click on the install button and turn on the display light of the device until the installation is completed.

➔ Step seven:

As the installation is completed, the Insta Profile will be shown on the main display of your device. Go to the main display of the device and click on the app icon to use it with all its features.

Ending words:

Insta Pro 2 is the best-upgraded version of Instagram that offers unlimited features of Instagram other than simple Instagram. You feel more secure on Instagram due to its great security features. The features like hide typing, hide story view, long story, and backups have made it famous all over the world. It is fully free to get. There are no extra charges for it, and all its app features are free to use.

If you are not already familiar with this app, then instantly download it by the link updated on this page. All the installation steps to install it on Android devices without any hurdles are also mentioned in the above text. For more information related to this app, you can contact me in the comment section, and I will respond to you in time. Thank you.

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