Installing a Garden Room at Home: How it Works

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Knowing where to start when looking to add a garden room to your home can be a daunting prospect. Presented with a broad range of options to suit gardens of all shapes and sizes, it is natural to be at least a little perturbed.

This is where an obligation-free initial design consultation can be worth its weight in gold. Organised at a time and date convenient to your schedule, an in-home design visit can be just the thing to get to grips with the options available.

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After which, it becomes much easier to narrow things down to your ideal garden room, and to get the project underway. A surprisingly simple process, planning for and installing a garden room works as follows:

1. Check Planning Permissions Guidelines

It is rarely necessary to obtain planning permission for a garden room that will not be used for sleeping or living accommodation. However, planning permission may be required if your garden room occupies more than 50% of your total garden area, or is higher than 2.5m from the bottom of the building to the top of the roof.

If you need to obtain planning permission, your project manager will handle the technicalities on your behalf.

2. Choose the Right Location

You can situate your garden room in just about any position in your garden, just as long as it is not too close to any borders or likely to become a nuisance for your neighbours.

Convenient access should be prioritised, as should the proximity of nearby trees. You will also need to ensure that the structure can be connected to your home’s electricity and water supply, which your project manager will advise on.

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3. Your Preferred Style

Garden rooms can be finished in various different types of external cladding and decorated in limitless ways. Your garden room can be set up as a rustic farmhouse-style space to relax, or an ultra-modern and minimalist office for maximum productivity – anything you like.

You will also have the option of choosing your preferred configuration for your garden room, and whether you would like to set it up as a multi-functional space. All available options will be discussed in full during your obligation-free design consultation.

Home Cinema Garden Room

4. Year-Round Enjoyment

The very best garden rooms are those that can be enjoyed throughout all four seasons. This is where high-quality insulation can make all the difference, coupled with advanced double-glazed (or triple-glazed) windows and doors.

An energy-efficient garden room fitted with an electric heating system can be kept cosy and comfortable in even the coldest days. As a major investment in your home comfort, practicality and value, it simply makes sense to ensure your garden room can be enjoyed all year round. Again, all options regarding insulation and heating will be presented and discussed during your initial design consultation.

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