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Any casual outfit may be elevated with the addition of a well-fitting  jacket. However, there are a plethora of designs and hues to choose from when shopping for leather jackets for men.

If you’re looking for a good leather jacket, this post can help you figure out which one is best for your needs. 

Let’s begin with elements…

Consider The Leather Jacket Elements 

An important step before purchasing your first leather jacket is to enlighten yourself on how small design features, such as the collar height and pocket angle, may make a big difference. 

  1. Length

It’s always the length from top to bottom that needs to be the initial consideration. Since trench coats and dusters are associated with men who work outside, the longer the coat is, the more functional it is as a weatherproof garment. 

However, there are a lot of leather jackets for men, not coats, out there to choose from. When worn, the shorts’ bottom hem falls just below the natural line of the waist. Higher, snugger hems are a more fashionable look, while lower, looser hems give off a more rough and outdoorsy feel.

Simple suggestion – your belt should be visible when you zip your jacket up. It’s okay to wear something longer while you’re dealing with livestock or timber. 

Hence, always check the length of a leather jacket before purchasing one.

  1. Collar

The collar of a leather jacket men is an important consideration when making a purchase. If the collar of a leather jacket is too small or too large, it might be a major giveaway.

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Short, tight collars that don’t turn down are associated with fashion and motorbikes, and race cars. They have the most streamlined and slick appearance of all. Whereas short, soft collars that can be turned down or pushed up to frame the chin are a casual style associated with military surplus and street clothes.

In addition,  the full turndown collars are common on cowboy jackets, dusters, trenchcoats, and other leather jackets and coats with long sleeves and hemlines. When it rains, the finest ones will fold up and close with a button. Since they have a long and distinguished history in aviation, bomber jackets often feature a hooded collar as an additional distinguishing feature.

  1. Pockets 

You can dress up your look by adding pockets. The pockets also have a more casual look to them. That means that the best-looking leather jackets have smooth fronts.

Rather than this, most stylish jackets use a pair of jetted pockets, which open by a small slit in the leather without a flap or button. Jackets that aim for a more streamlined silhouette often feature hand slits that run vertically or diagonally along the sides of the body.

Oversized pockets with flaps are a common feature of more casual jackets. Dressier jackets feature inside pockets, while more casual ones have larger “patch” pockets sewed onto the outside such that the back of the pocket is the front of the jacket.

It is a casual men’s leather jacket in Australia if it has more than two chest pockets. In the fatigue style, there are usually four front pockets, while dusters and trench coats usually have pockets above and below the waist.

  1. Color
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Leather jackets are usually black or brown, which are dark colors. If you have a lot of solids and strong contrasts in your wardrobe, black is the best color for you. If you have a more muted wardrobe with a lot of earth tones and textured materials, brown is best.

For example, if you wear a brown jacket with black shoes, it won’t look right. If you want to be the kind of guy who wears a leather jacket every day, you will probably need two.

There are other, brighter colors, but they aren’t as versatile. This makes it hard to wear them on a regular basis. Save your colorful patches and racing stripes for motocross races only. If not, you should not let them sit on your jacket.

Closing Lines

As of now, you have good knowledge of how to choose an ideal leather jacket for men, then why wait. Go shopping today and buy the best one.

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