Is A Light Up Vanity Mirror Worth It?

Vanity Mirror
Is A Light Up Vanity Mirror Worth It?

This post was most recently updated on August 1st, 2022

When it comes to your mirror lighting, you can choose between backlit and lighted mirrors. How LEDs are positioned in the mirror directly forms the difference between the two. Normally, light bulbs get installed behind mirrors to make them backlit mirrors. On the other hand, a AMIRO’s light up vanity mirror work in reverse. The bulbs can be built on top of the mirror or beneath the surface of the glass.

The light-up mirror has different use-cases that are meant to simplify your daily routine. The mirror can be used for your daily makeup or to quickly check yourself before getting out of the house. Its ergonomic design means it takes less space while at the same time delivering on its promise. 

Features of the light-up mirror 

A good light-up mirror should have the following features:

#1: Clarity 

Everyone looks at their mirrors, hoping to get an accurate reflection of themselves. Using a lighted-up mirror can deliver this effectively. It can reveal the imperfections that regular mirrors may hide, helping you know what action to take next.

Thanks to the light radiating from the mirror, you can apply even and well-thought foundations. As you do so, you get to see everything blend perfectly and give you the outlook that you aimed at getting. 

#2: The light source is close to natural light

The LED light that comes from the AMIRO’s light up vanity mirror is designed with the goal of imitating natural light. Tests show that there is a similarity of as much as 95%. Therefore, the mirror tends to deliver an accurate reflection of coloring. 

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#3: Flexible lifestyle 

Having the light-up mirror can help save on your space because it also serves as a basis for storing your items. You can use it to store necklaces, rings, hair ties, and other small beauty items.

Furthermore, the mirror is convenient for traveling because you can put it into your luggage or handbag. 

And when using it, the adjustable 180° makes it an ideal choice since you can set it to a preferred angle. 

Taking care of your light-up vanity mirror 

In as much as the light-up mirror seeks to serve you for a long time, it also needs proper care so that it can last longer. General care tips for a mirror would work. However, you have to be extra careful, considering that this is a unique type of mirror.

  • For starters, you want to ensure that the mirror connects to the power source using the original USB cable. If spoilt, only get a cable that meets the standards of the one that came with the box. 
  • Follow the user manual when setting up the mirror to avoid chances of damage. Do not assume anything. 
  • Keep your warranty card in a safe place just in case you may want to use it. Remember that the warranty covers functional issues and not issues arising from mishandling like accidental falls and mirror breakage.
  • Only use a soft cloth when cleaning the mirror. Take extra caution not to leave any significant wetness on the mirror.
  • Avoid spraying directly onto the mirror. Instead, apply the cleaner on a soft cloth, then gently clean the mirror.
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A light-up vanity mirror is designed with the modern lifestyle in mind. The mirror is ultra-clear to ensure you complete the makeup routine confidently. However, as you use it, ensure that you take proper care of it for a long-lasting service.

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