Is there a free route planner app?

Is there a free route planner app?
Is there a free route planner app?
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You know the importance of route optimization if you are a professional driver or manage a company where logistics and transportation play a significant role. The use of route planners has revolutionized both personal and professional travel.

It should come as no surprise that not all route planners are capable of developing intricate itineraries. You will require navigation software capable of supporting several stops and various routes to accomplish this. To our relief, there are some free route planner app capable of doing exactly that.

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If you’re a professional of any stripe, Maptive is one of the most excellent free route optimizers available. You can test out all of Maptive’s features and capabilities risk-free for 10 days with their free trial. With Maptive, you can quickly add several stops by clicking on the map or entering locations, making it more user-friendly than many other apps on our list. The Maptive interface is simple to grasp and loaded with helpful tutorials.


Waze is a superb software for directions and usability. Since Google bought the firm in 2013, it should be comparable to Maps. Waze’s revolutionary features set it apart. Waze captures real-time user data. It provides current traffic information, altered routes, and shortcuts. Spotify integration allows instructions while listening to music.

The community component of Waze is helpful, but it can only be used on roads where other users are also traveling. Less real-time information will be available to you if you’re in a more rural region. More users on a route mean more icons on the screen, which might make it difficult to see the way ahead.

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Apple Maps

Apple released a mapping app on all iOS devices to compete with Google. It is similar to Google Maps but lacks several capabilities. Its map design impresses. 3D maps with buildings look excellent. All Apple devices sync maps and directions, which Apple customers will love. Thus, you may rapidly transfer iPad instructions to your iPhone.

The fact that Apple Maps only lets you add two stops is its biggest drawback. Therefore, it’s unlikely that this gadget will be helpful for busy delivery drivers. Customers have also voiced concerns about the reliability of the data.

The app is exclusive to iOS devices, so those with PCs or Android phones must hunt elsewhere for a suitable alternative.


Circuit’s route planning program has several professional-friendly features. They provide a free version for budget-conscious users and a premium membership for large enterprises with sophisticated demands. This tool has many great features. First, you may establish location time limits to arrive on time. Prioritize urgent areas to get there first.

Once you tell Circuit what you need, it will change your stops until you’ve got the best possible itinerary. You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play, so you can always have access to your directions.

One of the few disadvantages of Circuit’s free route planner software is that it only allows you to add ten stops, which is unlikely to be sufficient for many different kinds of companies.


When comparing paid and free route planners, it’s clear that the paid options have more options for customization and optimization. If you’re looking for a free route planner that offers all you need and more, go no further than Route4Me’s Android Route Planner and iOS Route Planner applications.

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The flexible price structure of Route4Me’s routing applications, which is based on a per-feature approach, makes them ideal not just for individual couriers and delivery drivers but also for businesses of any size that place a heavy emphasis on logistics.

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