Is Tradiso A Trustworthy Online Broker? – An Unbiased Tradiso Review

Is Tradiso A Trustworthy Online Broker? - An Unbiased Tradiso Review

Based on the many negative Tradiso broker reviews on the internet, you have probably already built an image of the firm in your mind.

“Tradiso accounts can only be funded via crypto”, “Tradiso does not allow fund withdrawals”, “Tradiso is not a licensed online broker”, these and several others are a few of the many claims that some Tradiso reviews have made.

Read this Tradiso review to the end if you want to find out the real truth. 

Tradiso Review: License, Regulation, and Authenticity

It is a well-known fact that a surefire way to tell an authentic online broker is by their license. If they do not have a valid license, you should run far away from them. But that’s not the case with Tradiso.

Contrary to the “unregulated trading platform” claim that most negative Tradiso reviews have made, the platform is actually a licensed and regulated platform. 

Tradiso is regulated by Tradiso Group LLC, registered in St Vincents and the Grenadines. Like every other online platform, Tradiso has a valid license, and this is the first step to getting past your fears about the platform.

While we understand that the St Vincents and Grenadines is a lot more relaxed on trading regulations compared to the UK and others, a license still counts for something in our books. 

Tradiso Trading Software

Tradiso uses the popular MetaTrader 4 platform and its upgraded version, MetaTrader 5 – renowned for their potent automated trading tools. These tools give you access to 50 technical indicators and several analysis tools. 

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Tradiso Funding and Withdrawal Issues

Can you withdraw money from Tradiso? Of course. Investors are free to request withdrawals from Tradiso at any time, and the withdrawal procedure is very simple. Simply log into your protected client area and select the Funds option to get started. You can discover all of your withdrawal choices under the “Withdraw” page.

However, funding your Tradiso account is a very different story, and your fears may be valid if you’re skeptical about using the platform because of their funding methods. Users can only finance their accounts on Tradiso using digital currencies like BNB, Litecoin, Dashcoin, ETH, and others. 

Since crypto transactions cannot be traced, funding your Tradiso account with them puts you in danger of losing money, according to the negative Tradiso broker reviews.

Three Ways to Know Whether Tradiso is Safe or Not?

Identifying a fraudulent trading company or financial organization can be a herculean task. Shady, unreliable financial organizations put a lot of work into covering their tracks, so you may not be able to identify them from the get go. 

However, we have discovered that the majority of scam agents and companies, do not provide some crucial, although difficult to notice things. We have listed three of these things below:

Customer Support Details

Make sure you select a trading platform that offers a direct line of communication. It’s critical that you can get in touch with them if you run into any problems. The majority of Tradiso broker reviews assert that the site offers simply a chatbox and no other means of getting in touch. These assertions are false because Tradiso’s website includes a direct email and office address.

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Demo Account

You should be cautious if an online trading platform does not provide a demo account. Reviews of Tradiso brokers frequently state that only members can use the platform’s demo account. This is untrue; all you need to do to access the sample account is enter your email address and password.

MT4 Trading Terminal

Most online brokers only trust one trading platform — the MetaTrader 4. It is considered the most reliable online trading platform. Plus it is easy to use and both novice and more experienced traders can use this trading platform. Although the trading platform takes some time to get used to, one of its greatest benefits is its built-in API, which enables traders to use their automated trading techniques.

All Tradiso accounts are MT4 enabled and traders can access up to 50 technical indicators using any of the accounts. 

Negative Tradiso broker reviews often describe the platform as shady and untrustworthy because they do not offer a demo account to sufficient customer support information. However, these claims are false. Tradiso offers an easy to create demo account that can be set up without providing any sensitive information. They also provide accessible customer support and use the same trading terminal that other online brokers use. 

Based on these three factors, we do not have any reasons to believe that Tradiso is not trustworthy. There are no tell-at-first-glance red flags, however, you may have to use the platform first before coming to a conclusion.

Tradiso Account Types

Tradiso offers three types of accounts; Standard, ECN, and Pro.

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The simplest account type is the standard plan. It has a leverage of 1:100, no minimum deposit requirement, and no commissions. 

The ECN plan is the mid-level plan. It features a 1:100 leverage, no minimum deposit requirement, and no commissions. The ECN plan has raw stream spreads and $7.50 per lot charged each side in contrast to the standard plan, which does not.

Lastly, Tradiso’s Pro plan or high-ticket plan. It requires a minimum commitment of $25,000 and provides modest markup spreads. Additionally, it features a leverage of 1:100 and is commission-free.

What Trade Instruments are Available on Tradiso?

Tradiso allows online traders to initiate trades across different markets, not just the forex market. Using Tradiso, you can trade stocks, forex, crypto, indices, and other commodities. It’s also relatively easy to trade using the platform, all you have to do is to create an account or if you want, you can start by exploring the platform using the Demo account. 

Conclusion: Should You Use Tradiso?

No doubt, Tradiso would bring ease to your trading experience. But we cannot outrightly ask you to trade with the platform. We have provided sufficient information, however, we recommend that you take out time to explore the platform via the demo account and with little investment. 

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