Jahnavi’s intimate picture with boyfriend is viral

Jahnbi Kapoor is the star of this generation of Bollywood. Her mother was Sridevi, the famous queen of beauty. He also came to Rupali Bhuban following the path of his mother. And building his own world. Jahnbi has already proved himself in glamor and acting skills.

In addition to professional work, Jahnbi’s personal life is now equally practiced. Rumors are heard that he is in love. Her close relationship with a young man named Orhan Avatramani.

This time Jahnavi’s close picture with that boyfriend has gone viral. As seen in the pictures, the actress is wearing a yellow bodycon dress. The back of the dress is running up to the thighs. The rest is uncovered. Jahnbi’s body appeal was easily captured on camera.

In the film, Jahnabi is holding her boyfriend Orhan. It is understood that they have been partying all night. The actress was captured by her boyfriend in the gap of the party.

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Jahnbi’s love affair with Orhan has been practiced before. However, they were not seen as directly close. This time they seem to have fulfilled the buzz.

According to Indian media, Orhan is a social worker by profession. He also works as an influencer. He has a constant journey inside Bollywood. It is said that at one time he had a relationship with Sara Ali Khan.

Jahnbi, on the other hand, was previously in a relationship with a young man named Akshat Ranjan. But that relationship has broken down. Now the actress is sharing her private time with Orhan.

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