Jio launches cloud gaming beta platform in India

Jio launches cloud gaming beta platform in India
Jio launches cloud gaming beta platform in India

Now accessible in India is JioGamesCloud, a cloud-based gaming service from Jio. Users who are interested may now sign up for the JioGameCloud beta testing, which will allow them to try out the newest games on gadgets like smartphones, computers, or even set-top boxes without downloading the actual game.

Jio launches cloud gaming beta platform in India

JioGamesCloud’s mobile app is only accessible on Android-powered phones and tablets. A web version is also available, and it can be used on computers and laptops running Windows, macOS, and even iPhones. Last but not least, Jio’s own set-top box, which is now offered in Jio Store, is the only one that supports the set-top box version of JioGamesCloud.

Jio advises consumers to play these games by connecting their smartphones to a fast wifi network or a 5G network because they provide console-level graphics. Similar to a laptop or set-top box, you can also play these games on them.

You might experience some touch response lag because the game is rendered remotely and transmitted to your device over the cloud, especially if your internet connection is slower and has higher latency or ping.

In the upcoming days, Jio is anticipated to introduce more games to the JioGamesCloud. Despite the fact that the service is presently free, the business anticipates charging after the formal launch and may offer this service as part of a recharge package.

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