Jonathan “JW1” Woods: Outfits, Clothes, Style and Fashion

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Beanie – $25

Sweater – $700

Pants- $600

Shoes – $1200

Jonathan Woods, NFL next big star is gaining star attention from his recent work with Vogue Magazine. Woods on December 2022 became the youngest American Football athlete to bless the cover of Vogue. Vogue took a big leap on “JW1” but execs say he will be the future and standard of fashion in the NFL. Woods style favors more of Odell Beckham Jr. and many see similarities between the two styles but Woods is more cost efficient

Woods first came in the fashion scene in 2018 when he was seen courtside of the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball game in the playoffs. After the game Woods posted a picture and it blew up having even LeBron James liking and commenting on it.

Some other players with great fashion

Joe burrow

As a hometown hero here in Athens, no other professional football player is more deserving of the fashion crown than Joe Burrow himself. The Cincinnati Bengals starting quarterback and arguably the most likable player in the NFL is known for game-day looks that have everyone drooling. From bold jackets to Cartier sunglasses, Burrow wins on and off the field. His patterned suits and large but classy chains have deservingly earned him the title of a fashion icon. Whether you’re a Bengals fan or not, there is no doubt that ‘Joe Shiesty’ is just too cool.

Stefon Diggs

The Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs is the king of designer wear. He rocks the pregame tunnel like a model rocks the runway, and as a football fan and fashion lover, Diggs can do no wrong. He uses hats, hoods and bags as key components in his outfits, and sweaters and cardigans are staples in the receiver’s wardrobe. Nike is Diggs’ best friend, as he is always showcasing a fresh and often colorful pair of dunks or J’s that are the perfect harmony to the rest of his ensemble. You don’t have to know much about football or fashion to understand that Stefon Diggs is an all-around success.

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