Katie Devoe: 10 Years Shaping Cannabis & Hemp Through Innovation

Katie Devoe: 10 Years Shaping Cannabis & Hemp Through Innovation
Image Source: CBD Nationwide
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Outside of the corporate world, Katie Devoe is a wise and tenacious advocate. Her story is one of tenacity, creativity, and dedication to ensuring that everyone has access to cannabis information. CannaCertified, Katie’s invention, is an online certification program that lays out the road to understanding the plant, the company, and the industry at large. Imagine a sector where education is not just a term but a key foundation. 

Katie is an incredible idea monger and steadfast supporter of the health advantages of hemp and cannabis after a spectacular 15-year journey. Her influence is seen in her capacities as a visionary entrepreneur, thought leader, and teacher, and she leaves a lasting impression on the dynamic environment of these thriving sectors. Discover the revolutionary force Katie brings to the forefront by joining her movement, where passion meets innovation. Join a pioneer who doesn’t simply follow but also creates trends as she embraces the future and makes every move a statement of her dedication to a better, healthier tomorrow. 

Over ten years ago, Katie became one of the first women to start businesses in the hemp and cannabis industries. She really knows a lot about this field. Katie showed how good she is at starting and running businesses when she helped start CBD Nationwide. Now, it’s one of the biggest and best CBD makers in the whole country. 

Katie Devoe spends her life helping people understand more about cannabis and hemp. She works as a Cannabis and Hemp Advocate, which means she wants to clear up any wrong ideas people might have about these plants. Katie cares a lot about teaching others, so she started something called CannaCertified. It’s like a school to help people learn about cannabis and hemp. She wants everyone to know more so they can make smart choices when buying things from the fast-growing cannabis and hemp market. 

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Katie Devoe is not just a speaker but a thought leader, someone who really knows a lot about the cannabis industry. People really want to hear from her because she can explain all the little details about how the business works. It’s not just in fancy meeting rooms; Katie’s impact goes beyond that. For the past ten years, she’s been really focused on making cannabis products, and some of the things she’s made are super popular in America. Katie knows how to get the best hemp in the US, and she watches closely as the products go from being just a seed to when you can buy them. At CBD Nationwide, where she works, Katie makes sure everything they sell is top-notch. 

Katie Devoe

Apart from working at CBD Nationwide, Katie also helps run Sacred Biology in San Diego, California. She’s the COO and co-founder there. Katie stays busy overseeing the latest CBDMed solutions, which are like really cool and helpful products. It’s not just about work for Katie; she even got recognized by the San Diego Union-Tribune as one of the Top 10 CBD product experts in 2017. That’s pretty amazing! 

Katie Devoe’s path has been defined by a combination of training and experience. With a business administration bachelor’s degree from CSUSM and a marketing and marketing management specialization from the University of Redlands, she has a distinctive skill set that has helped her rise to the top of the field. 

She is like a superstar speaker! She’s been to big events like Expo West, World CBD Expo, USA CBD Expo, Alternative Products Expo, and White Label Expo, where she talks about really interesting stuff. People really want to hear from her because she knows so much and has smart ideas. Katie doesn’t just stop there; she’s also been on famous podcasts like Lit & Lucid and Katerina Satori, where she keeps adding cool thoughts to the talks about CBD, other cool things you can buy, and related stuff. It’s like she’s everywhere, making discussions more interesting! 

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Katie Devoe’s story is all about being creative, loving what she does, and always aiming for the best. She’s like a pioneer in the cannabis and hemp world, and when people think of her, they think of honesty, knowing a lot, and always trying to do things really well. Besides winning awards with CBD Nationwide, Katie keeps being a leader in ideas, teaching others, and being a big supporter. She’s been a part of this story for over ten years, and her impact keeps making the whole industry even more interesting and better. 

Katie Devoe’s journey in the cannabis and hemp industries is not just about her achievements but also about her commitment to responsible and sustainable practices. As a champion of ethical business, she emphasizes the importance of eco-friendly methods in cultivation and production, ensuring that her companies’ footprints are as green as their products. Katie is a vocal advocate for environmental stewardship within the industry, understanding that the health of our planet is deeply intertwined with the health of its inhabitants.

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