‘Kiev’s ghost’ shot down by 40 Russian planes dies on the battlefield

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A Ukrainian air force pilot known as the “ghost of Kiev” has shot down at least 40 Russian warplanes and died in a battle with Russian troops. According to a report in the Times of London, the Ukrainian pilot died last month.

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The name of this Ukrainian pilot who lost his life in the war is Stepan Tarabalka. The Times of London has dubbed Major Tarabalka, a father of one child, a “war hero”.

The British newspaper says that on March 13, a large number of people were killed during the fighting with the enemy forces. He was fighting enemies with MiG-29 fighter jets. At that time, the warplane was shot down by the enemy and he died.

The Times of London quoted family members of Stepan Tarabalkar as saying that the Ukrainian pilot had been awarded the country’s highest ‘Order of the Golden Star’ posthumously for his bravery. At the same time, he has been given the title of ‘Hero of Ukraine’.

According to the Times of London, Pilot Tarabalkar helmets and goggles used in the war will now be auctioned in London. Pilot Tarabalka gained worldwide fame by shooting down 10 Russian military planes on the first day of the war. In a tweet last month, the Ukrainian government said people were calling him a ghost of Kiev. Still do so.

Major Tarabalkar was born in a small village called Korolyovka in western Ukraine. Growing up in a working class family, Tarabalka had dreamed of becoming a pilot since childhood.
Major Tarabalkar’s parents told the Times that the Ukrainian military had not provided them with any information about the last flight or death. ‘We know he was flying a mission plane. He has accomplished his mission, his work. Then he never came back. So far we have received this information.

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