Learn How Nitric Oxide Helps You Gain Muscle

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You’ve probably heard the buzz about how nitric oxide helps you gain muscle faster, have more energy, and increase your stamina. It’s been called the greatest advancement in body building nutrition since creatine. Naturally, some people are skeptical of any new product, and some just jump right in and try it. If you are reading this article, you probably fall somewhere in the middle – one of the savvy consumers who are open to new things but want to know a few things first. Starting with, how it works.

The greatest confusion come from the fact nitric oxide is not a vitamin, mineral, protein, acid, or herb. In fact, it is not any kind of liquid or solid. It is a gas, comprised of equal parts nitrogen and oxygen. This poses the question of how it is consumed in supplement form. The simple answer is, it’s not. Nitric oxide supplements do not actually contain nitric oxide, it is naturally produced by your body. These supplements effectively stimulate your body’s nitric oxide productions, therefore increasing levels in your system.

What Happens When Your Nitric Oxide Levels Increase

Naturally occurring nitric oxide serves a number of vital functions in a healthy body. One of those, circulation, is the foundation for the body building benefits of these supplements. It aids circulation by opening crucial blood vessels, including those leading to major skeletal muscles. As these vessels open, the available blood supply increases. That means more oxygen, protein, nutrients, and anything else your muscles need. Everything you ingest for the benefit of your muscles is carried there by the blood stream. Nitric oxide helps you gain muscle faster by making more of these elements available to your muscles, at a faster rate.

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Naturally, muscle gains do not happen instantaneously. No matter what supplements like D-Bal Max you take to accelerate the process, it still takes some time. However, that does not mean nitric oxide supplements have no fast results. In addition to feeding muscle tissue for greater gain, the increased supply of blood helps muscled do more, with less fatigue. Most users report the first effect they notice is a perpetually pumped feeling, much like the great pump you feel immediately following a workout.

Besides offering opportunities for showing off, this allows better muscle performance during your workout. The more you can lift, and the more stamina you have the more good that workout will do. You may think more intense workouts would lead to greater fatigue and recovery time. If they were accomplished by pushing your body beyond it’s limits, this would be the case. However when your levels of nitric oxide are raised, your fatigue and recovery time actually decreases.

This occurs for two reasons. First, is the increased blood supply – it provided your muscles with more of everything they need for rejuvenation and repair. The second reason this occurs is the correlation between nitric oxide and physical energy. It improves intra-cellular communication, which allows your body to function more efficiently. Mental alertness, physical energy, and overall resiliency improve. It has also been credited with pain reliving and anti-inflammatory effects. The result is a much faster recovery time, not only for your muscles but for your whole body and vital energy levels. Most users discover that this allows them to significantly reduce the length and frequency of rest periods. More frequent workouts naturally lead to faster muscle mass gain.

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With the compound effect of greater blood supply (and therefore nutrient availability) to muscles, more intense training, and more frequent training, it’s really no mystery how nitric oxide helps you gain muscles at such a fast pace.

Who Should take Nitric Oxide?

There are no documented side effects to nitric oxide, making it safe for nearly everyone. However, be cautious of where you buy supplements, and what brand because ingredients in the supplements themselves could have side effects.

Nitric oxide supplements may be most beneficial for:

  • People over the age of 40 who have began experiencing muscle or mental deterioration.
  • Slow gainers wishing to build muscles faster.
  • Body builders seeking faster results, and better performance.
  • People who suffer from fatigue.
  • Dieters seeking faster results.
  • Sufferers of chronic joint pain.
  • Those with a poor immune system.
  • Anyone who wants more strength, energy, alertness and endurance.

If you are body building or strength training, you were probably hooked on the idea as soon as you found out how nitric oxide works to increase muscle gain. If this isn’t enough for you some internet research will reveal greater details about how it helps support an improve overall health, sexual performance, mental alertness, and ability to heal.

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