Top 10 Logo Design Companies in India 2024

Logo Design Companies in India 2024
Top 10 Logo Design Companies in India 2024
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To represent a business and its goods, logos are required. A company’s logo is its first line of marketing to prospective customers. A strong logo Top 10 Logo Design Companies in India 2024 conveys the virtues and principles of a business or product while also giving it the universal recognition and identification that draws in clients. For this reason, developing a brand requires working with a reputable logo design firm.

The application of typography, photography, and illustration to tackle visual hurdles falls under the domain of graphic design. While at times it’s linked with visual communication, it specifically forms a part of both fields.

In the current competitive scenario, the significance of graphic design cannot be underestimated. For this reason, businesses choose to work with graphic designers from respectable Indian graphic design companies to create eye-catching and captivating designs that will draw in their target audience. 

Effective communication is essential these days if you want to remain competitive. Thus, there is a great demand for knowledgeable and talented graphic designers. The top 10 graphic design companies in India that best suit your demands should be known to you if you want to work with a qualified graphic designer from a respectable graphic design company.

List Of Top 10 Logo Design Companies in India 2024:


Techasoft Image

Techasoft (Image Source:

Techasoft is a prominent company in Bangalore that specializes in logo design. Techasoft takes pride in crafting logos that are Top 10 Logo Design Companies in India 2024 captivating, engaging, and memorable. Our team of logo designers is committed to producing a unique logo that aptly communicates your business’s personality, grandeur, and essence to the wider audience.

Communication Crafts:

Communication Crafts image | Logo Design Companies in India 2024

Communication Crafts (Image Source:

Listed among the globe’s top-tier branding and advertising agencies, Communication Crafts, also known as CC is based in Top 10 Logo Design Companies in India Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The company prides itself on a team of highly skilled professionals, lauded with multiple honors.

Their array of services spans mobile application development, web development, and various others. Highlighted in their portfolio are notable partnerships with institutions such as Colgate University, Marwadi University, and IMS Dabbawalla.

Digiwebart- Digitize Your Brand: 

Digiwebart- Digitize Your Brand image

Digiwebart- Digitize Your Brand (Image Source:

Based in Jaipur, India, Digiwebart is a company focusing on graphic and logo design services. Specializing in offering business development Top and Best Logo Design Companies in India 2024 consultancy and crafting visual and digital solutions for both profit and nonprofit enterprises, they excel in various domains. Their expertise spans corporate and brand identity, logo and brochure design, stationery, website development, and online marketing services.

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Mind Digital:

Mind Digital image

Mind Digital (Image Source:

Mind Digital is a reputable Indian graphic design company provides clients with end-to-end graphic design solutions. The company employs outstanding people who are committed to serving their clients. In addition to many other types of Popular Logo Design Companies in India 2024 graphic design, they specialize in logo, brochure, business card, banner, website, flyer, and newsletter design. Among its clientele are Pfizer, Phillips, Super 99, FCI Creative, Nitro Digital, Store 99, and others.

Buttercup Design Studio:

Buttercup Design Studio image

Buttercup Design Studio (Image Source:

The art of creating a logo is about conveying a company’s ideas and goals as simply as possible. The experts at Buttercup Design Studio believe Famous Logo Design Companies in India 2024 that rather than just creating attractive designs, creativity should be used to visually communicate firm concepts.

Because of its exceptional marketing initiatives, which have made numerous businesses stand out in their industries, the company is considered one of India’s top logo design firms.



UISLICK (Image Source:

Uislick is an Indian-based mobile app development business that assists brands in increasing consumer interaction on mobile platforms. With Most Popular Logo Design Companies in India 2024 clients like MG Squared and a lengthy portfolio of successful projects across numerous industries, Uislick has already made a name for itself as the go-to source for skilled mobile app development.

To meet their clients’ KPIs and boost their bottom line, Uislick leveraged their industry knowledge to develop a bespoke mobile approach for Malbertlee Yoga. Excellent client feedback and a fruitful engagement that resulted in future business were the end outcomes.

First Launch:

First Launch image

First Launch (Image Source:

Founded in Bangalore, India, First Launch is a digital marketing organization with a presence in London that offers clients distinctive solutions. They provide PPC, Most Famous Logo Design Companies in India 2024 social media, and content marketing services to a diverse clientele of small and large organizations. They also specialize in SEO solutions that prioritize local search and content creation.

The development of a brand identity for the Indian online learning platform Coursebook was one of First Launch’s projects. Clean and polished in look, the platform’s logo was created with assistance from First Launch.

Liquid Designs: 

Liquid Designs image

Liquid Designs (Image Source:

Liquid Designs helps companies enhance their brand so they may stand out, establish a connection, and prosper over time. Through branding, logo design, and web design, its diverse team of designers and developers specializes in creating dynamic identities for its clients.

A recent example of their work was collaborating with Indian delivery company SmartBox to create a brand kit. Liquid Designs chose yellow as the Top Logo Design Companies in India 2024 main brand color to appeal to a wide audience. Blue, consistent typography was used to create a feeling of youth and resilience. The company took inspiration from phone books and taxi cabs for this design.

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Mandy Web Design: 

Mandy Web Design image

Mandy Web Design (Image Source:

Mandy Web Design provides logo design services that boost brands. Notable clients include Mar Tax Accountants. Based in India, this business prioritizes helping brands drive transformation by putting design first.

Mandy Web Design has worked for some of the most recognizable companies in the globe as well as an enterprise customer. Mandy Web Design helped Top and Best Logo Design Companies in India 2024 them target their customer base by thoroughly reevaluating their strategy. Strong involvement and an increase in their perceived authority followed from this.


WATR image

WATR (Image Source:

WATR is a design studio that blends sentimentality and functionality. They design outstanding brand experiences for businesses of various Top Logo Design Companies in India 2024 kinds, like OnePlus, Strata, and Hyatt. Among the services provided are web design, UX/UI design, and branding.

After a comprehensive process of study, WATR produced a traveler’s platform brand design, complete with a logo. In addition, they designed product processes and created displays for mobile and web products. The deliverables received positive feedback from both internal and external stakeholders, swiftly generating considerable interest in the products.

FAQs about Top 10 Logo Design Companies in India 2024:

What services do these Logo Design companies offer?

The Logo Design Companies offer a range of services like Logo Design, Brand Identity design, Graphic design, User Logo Design Companies in India experience & Development(UX), web & app development, print design, Branding consultation etc.

What are the charges for their services, and do they offer various pricing packages?

The pricing for logo design services varies considerably based on factors such as project scope, design intricacy, the agency’s expertise, and the services bundled in the package. It’s crucial to discuss the pricing details and comprehend the package inclusions.

Clients should clarify the revision limits and expected deliverables to prevent any misinterpretations. Seeking estimates from Logo Design Companies in India several design agencies, comparing their service packages, and ensuring alignment with the budget and expected quality level is recommended.

How long does it typically take to design a logo?

The duration for creating a logo can fluctuate due to factors such as design intricacy, revision counts, client feedback speed, and the Logo Design Companies in India methodology of the design agency. Typically, the process, from the first discussion to the completed delivery, spans about 4-8 weeks.

However, this timeline is subject to notable variations influenced by project details and the cooperation between the client and the design team. Elements like design complexity, revision rounds, and prompt client responses can impact the duration of each stage.

Aside from logo design, do they provide additional branding or design services?

Absolutely! Apart from crafting logos, many design agencies offer an array of branding and design solutions that enhance and Logo Design Companies in India fortify the complete brand identity. These supplementary services assist businesses in establishing a resilient and cohesive brand presence across multiple platforms and channels, surpassing the boundaries of mere logo representation.

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Clients typically have the flexibility to curate a mix of these services to cater to their unique branding and design necessities.

What is the trend in logo design in 2024?

Art deco, with its bold geometric forms, luxe aesthetics and timeless appeal, is set to make a comeback in logo design in 2024. Its resurgence Logo Design Companies in India signals a drive towards reinvention—a revisiting of the classics with an edge of modernity. Art deco is not just a design style, it’s a statement.

How long should a logo design take?

Realistically, the full design process for a professional logo should from start to finish should take between 2-4 weeks.

What makes the best company logo?

  • Ensure readability.
  • Create a scalable design.
  • Give your background contrast.
  • Align all your elements.
  • Size up your icon.
  • Know your competition.
  • Stay as timeless as possible.
  • Be memorable.

Is logo design in demand?

The demand for designers who Logo Design Companies in India focus on high-quality logo designs for business websites will continue to rise with the proliferation of online technologies and the emergence of new businesses.

Is logo design in high demand?

Graphic designers have the opportunity to shape the very essence of a brand, making it unforgettable and instantly recognizable. This power to Logo Design Companies in India influence and shape a brand’s identity is one of the main reasons why graphic design is in such high demand.

How much should I charge for a logo design?

The average logo design cost ranges anywhere from $300-$700. When it comes to creating a logo for a small business, the statistics are Logo Design Companies in India favorable to designers. Over 67% of small business owners are willing to pay around $500 for a professional logo, and only 18% willing to pay more than $1,000.


The summary of Top 10 Logo Design Companies in India 2024 is expected to highlight agencies celebrated for their innovation, creative prowess, and adeptness in crafting compelling brand identities through logos. These firms are poised to shine by providing a broad spectrum of services extending beyond logo creation, covering brand strategy, visual identity development, and immersive digital experiences.

Creating an updated list for Logo Design Companies in India would necessitate delving into industry analyses, client evaluations, portfolio appraisals, and an examination of their service range and expertise. These top-ranking companies are anticipated to uphold their positions through distinctive methodologies, a keen grasp of market dynamics, and a steadfast commitment to developing memorable and influential logos that resonate with diverse audiences.

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