Low-Cost Promotional Item For Your Child’s First Birthday Bash

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Most people make a big deal about celebrating birthdays because birthdays mark another year. Although every birthday is something to celebrate, some birthdays mark major milestones. For example, you start driving on your 16th birthday, you’re legally an adult on your 18th birthday, and you can drink on your 21st. Later in life, celebrating a new decade, such as your 30s, 40s, 50s, etc., is common, and all major birthday milestones should be marked with promotional merchandise

As a parent, your child’s first major birthday milestone is their first birthday. Most parents go all out for their child’s first birthdays by having a big party. Since it’s your child’s first birthday, they don’t have friends yet, but you will invite friends and family members with children; therefore, you need promotional items to mark your child’s day. You don’t want to spend the entire party budget on promotional merchandise, and there are plenty of low-cost options available. 

Read on if you need ideas for the promotional merchandise for your child’s first birthday party. 


Candy is a great option because kids and adults love candy. You can have chocolate bars specially ordered that include your child’s name, the day of the party, or your child’s photo etched into the chocolate. You can also order pain candy bars with your child’s name, photo, and date of birth on the wrapping. You can also find a company that can shape the chocolate into your child’s favorite cartoon character. 

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The best thing about candy is that it is cheap and won’t take too much money from the party budget. 


Every birthday party needs balloons, and you can also use personalized balloons to decorate the venue. It will enhance the whole look of the venue and draws the attention of everyone. You can also customize balloons online by having a picture of your child printed on the balloons.

Plates, Napkins, and Cups

You’ll need plates, napkins, cups, and utensils to serve food and birthday cake. Rather than going with the color of the theme, you can have the plates, cups, and napkins personalized with your child’s name, birthday, or their photo. Your guests will love these, and you can save a few plates, napkins, and cups as a reminder of your child’s big day. 

BPA-Free Water Bottles

You can have water bottles made with any design you like. You can have your child’s name and birthday printed on water bottles and find them in various colors. This is a great gift for your guests because it is something they can use all the time, and the parents of the guests will appreciate a safe plastic water bottle their child can use again and again. 

If you don’t plan to invite too many guests, personalized water bottles won’t break the party budget. 

Personalized Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners are very popular among adults because they can help relieve stress, and kids love them because they are fun. You can order custom-made fidget spinners with your child’s name to give your guests. If you’re planning a big party with up to 100 guests, you can expect to pay around $165 for 100 fidget spinners. If you’re planning a smaller party, you can buy the customized fidget spinners for $2.59 to $4.59 each, which is more affordable than buying in bulk. 

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The adults and children at your child’s first birthday will love their fidget spinners. 

Customized Stickers

Kids love stickers, and if the stickers have the name or face of their favorite one-year-old, they will like the stickers even more. 

Customized stickers are more affordable than you might think, and you can upload your design to create and order the stickers online. You can order 20 custom sheet stickers for $0.77 per unit, making it a very affordable and fun thing to give to the guests at your child’s first birthday party. 

Customized Stress Balls

Kids and adults love stress balls. Studies have shown that stress balls can be helpful for both adults and children, and they are great promotional merchandise for your child’s party. 

You can order stress balls in the shape of animals that include your child’s name and the date of the party, and some companies can use your child’s photo on the ball. 

The average cost of custom fidget spinners is around 39 cents each, which is affordable enough to buy a stress ball for everyone coming to the party and have a few on hand for your child when they get older. 

Customized T-Shirts

Customized t-shirts are trendy today. By 2025, the global market for customized t-shirts is projected to reach $3.1 billion, and they make great promotional merchandise for your child’s birthday party. 

You can have a customized t-shirt made with your child’s name, photo, and birthday so your guests have a lasting reminder of your child’s big day. Customized kid’s t-shirts cost around $12.00 each and around $20 for adults. If you are worried about your party budget, you can give just the kids t-shirts to reduce the cost and stay within your budget. 

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Custom Draw String Bags

Kids always need bags, and younger children need bags to put their toys, snacks, drinks, and other belongings in when they leave the house. Older children can use drawstring bags for school, and parents with babies can also use customized drawstring bags to carry their baby’s things. 

You can create a customized draw sting bag with your child’s picture, name, birthday, or a combination. 

If you buy at least 25 bags, you can expect to pay between $0.87 to $2.00 per bag, which is very affordable, and your guests will have a useful keepsake. 

Your child’s first birthday is one of the biggest milestone birthdays, even if they don’t remember their big day. You can make the party special by giving each guest customized promotional merchandise, so they have something to remember the day that doesn’t take too much from the party budget.

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