Luvme Hair- How to Get Balayage Hair at Home

Luvme Hair- How to Get Balayage Hair at Home
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One look that picked up speed in recent years is balayage hair, which isn’t showing signs of going anywhere anytime soon. Originally a French technique, it means ‘to sweep’ and changed the hair game forever.

And you can get the look instantly without going to the salon with Luvme Hair’s balayage wigs that’ll let you choose from a wide range of colors and textures so you can get what your heart desires. As long as you maintain it, it’ll stay a look.

Luvme is no stranger to the wig industry, and you can trust the company to make quality products that don’t disappoint and last years. With over a decade of experience, you’ll find your perfect match at the website, and you can even get a custom wig if you have specifications.

Knowing What to Expect When Doing it at Home

A colorist best does a balayage, but you can still achieve a pretty good look if you know what you’re doing. Remember that different hair textures will get different results. Curly hair means picking up thicker strands in a V-shape, while finer hair means you should section thin strands and go for a U-shape.

Remember to choose your hair color carefully, not too light or dark. A balayage should look like a sweep of paint and deepen your hair rather than look as conspicuous as highlights.

Getting Balayage Hair at Home

Here’s how to get a near-perfect balayage look at home:

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1.  Prepping Your Hair

When doing it yourself, it’s best to go for a halo effect at the front because it’s easier to do yourself. The first step is to detangle your hair thoroughly, though you can go for a wide-toothed comb if you have curly hair.

Part your hair in the middle and from ear to ear to get four equal parts, from the forehead to the base of the neck.

Clip the back portion together with a clip to focus on the front.

2.  Getting the Mixture Ready

Remember to choose your lightener carefully and do a patch test to ensure you aren’t allergic. It’s best to choose a brand you’ve used before, and several offer entire lightening kits you can buy.

You’ll need a brush, gloves, and a towel covering your shirt. However, it’s best to wear an old t-shirt, so you are okay with getting it dirty the entire time.

3.  Section Your Hair

Start separating sections, and use a comb first to get a slant. Then, use the comb to shape it into a v or u shape, depending on your hair type. Remember to focus on your hair’s tightness and make sure it’s pulled taught before applying the mixture.

4.  Start ‘Painting’ Your Hair

Here’s where the technique gets its name. You’ll tease the hair so there are no harsh lines, and sweep the brush over it. Use your fingers to blend the part the mixture starts.

Then, continue using your fingers to coat the strand thoroughly. Repeat the process on the rest of your hair, but space them equally. If you have fine hair, they should be around half an inch away from each other, and course sections should have an inch between them for the best results.

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Shop High-Quality Balayage Wigs at Luvme Hair

Wig beginners might hesitate to trust any brand when starting, but Luvme Hair has been around for over 13 years and has a particular reputation. All the products are made of 100% human hair, so none of the problems come with synthetic ones.

And apart from balayage hair, you can try out classic colors with brown wigs or ever-popular body wave wigs for a glamorous look. You can even order custom wigs if you want a new color; get in touch with representatives.

And the best part of Luvme Hair is the free online consultants that help you choose the perfect wig for you and give you tips to maintain them.

Final Word

Balayage hair is a style that will stick around for years to come, especially since it’s so much easier to apply compared to traditional highlights. You could get your natural hair done or try a look with a Luvme wig to experiment with your hair color.

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