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  1. Introduction

Because it incorporates the perfect combination, TWIST wigs, long human hair wigs and short curly wigs are steadily rising to the top of the protective style rankings. Twist wigs have only recently begun to gain popularity, yet they are already well-known in many countries. With TWIST wigs, box twists, million twists, and cornrows are just a few examples of the various varieties of TWIST wigs. For a natural appearance, the majority of TWIST wig has lace fronts.

With Luvmehair’s TWIST wigs, long human hair wigs and short curly wigs, you can style your wigs in any hairstyle you desire. Luvmehair offers TWIST wigs which are easy to use and maintain. At Luvmehair, we provide customers with the best long human hair wigs and short curly wigs which are both flexible and affordable. In addition to this, the greatest news is that, Luvmehair is one of the largest human hair wigs shopping stores and we are offering all our customers across the world a discounted rate of up tp 30% on all our sale as the Black Friday approaches. We tend to make our customers get high quality wigs at a lower price this year’s coming Black Friday. Therefore, you can get your human hair wigs at Luvmehair now while at the same time, saving some money for more wigs.

2. What Are TWIST Wigs Human Hair?

A lightweight, handcrafted wig with tiny strands is called a “TWIST wig.” For all types of hair, it is a distinctive protective style. TWIST wig is a glue-free wig that includes a typical cap as well as an elastic strap with an adjustable buckle. TWIST wigs mostly come in the colours blue, wine, golden, and black. The long human hair wig is a popular style among women today. Women choose also choose short curly wig because it saves them time and money by reducing the amount they will spend each week on their hair. With TWIST wigs, you do not have to visit your stylist each week.

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Dresses can be worn with TWIST wigs in a variety of ways. It can be paired with either a native dress or a business outfit. Every day, more and more women choose to wear TWIST wigs, leaving those who choose not to wonder what they’re all missing out on.

3. Advantages Of TWIST Wigs

  • Time is saved by using TWIST wigs

You are not required to twist your own hair for hours on end while sitting in a seat in a salon if you have a TWIST wig. It is a huge amount of time when you add together all those hours. Additionally, it saves you from having to wait for a stylist or yourself to take them out.

  • TWIST wig is inexpensive

If you treat a TWIST wig well, could last up to 2 years. Although the initial purchase may be quite high, the investment is worthwhile given how long they last. Also, long human hair and short curly wigs could last up to two years if properly maintained.

  • Long human hair wigs offer a defensive design

In order to prevent you from going bald, great care is used when twisting your hair around the margins and nape areas. Moreover, the margins are a little tense. TWIST wigs, however, relieve the stress from your edges and nape.

  • Short curly wigs are a comfortable style

With short curly wigs, you don’t have to worry about the shaping that most protective styles necessitate every morning. Simply put on, give it a shake, and you’re ready to go. That’s how simple it is to style TWIST wigs. When you need to move quickly, TWIST wigs are a lifesaver.

  • TWIST wig is simple to maintain

By following a few straightforward instructions, you can significantly extend the life of your TWIST wigs, long human hair wigs and short curly wigs. Unlike protective styles, your TWIST wig only needs to be cleaned and primed once a month to be ready to wear.

  • How Should I Care For My TWIST Wigs?
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For devotees of long human hair wigs, life has been simpler. There’s no need to sit for minutes for your hair to twist. These days, we can purchase, wear, and look amazing with short curly wigs. The majority of wearers, however, neglect to properly care for their TWIST wigs, which results in deterioration to the wig.

The following guidelines will show you how to properly maintain your TWIST wigs:

  • To wash your TWIST wig, use a gentle shampoo and warm water. Never clean TWIST wigs in extremely hot water because doing so will make the braids seem chapped.
  • To permit straighter braid tips, put the tips of your short curly wigs in hot water.
  • To keep your long human hair wigs looking shiny and supple, moisturise often and apply a styling mousse as well as hair spray on them after washing.
  • Avoid using hair dryers or other warm appliances on your TWIST wigs up close. This is so that the synthetic wigs won’t melt in the heat.
  • Avoid sleeping with your TWIST wigs, long human hair wigs or your short curly wigs on as this can lead to tangled tips.
  • Never tie your TWIST wigs in a nylon stocking or something similar when not in use. Always hang them instead. Always store them in a room with lots of air.
  • Look after the below natural hair. Every two to three weeks, don’t forget to loosen, wash, and remake the hair.
  • Avoid often letting your TWIST wigs become damp because doing so will encourage bacteria to grow on them. Your long human hair wig will last you for a very long time if you adhere to these instructions.

4. How To Prolong The Life Of A TWIST Wig

You can use these suggestions to extend the lifespan of your TWIST wigs:

  • Less usage of a TWIST wig

Consider purchasing many wigs including TWIST wig, long human hair wig and short curly wigs at Luvmehair and switching them out if you wear one every day. A TWIST wig will last longer if you wear it less frequently. Additionally, rotating your wig might assist you properly care for it on the wig’s “off” day.

  • Take care of your TWIST wig

You know that the better you take care of your long human hair wig, the more it will survive. To properly care for your TWIST wig so that you can wear it for a longer period of time, you must follow the supplier’s instructions.

  • Use caution when styling your TWIST wig

To avoid damaging your short curly wig when styling it with heat, you should set your heat tool to the lowest setting. Furthermore, avoid styling too closely to the TWIST wig’s root and use products that really can protect your wig.

  • Keeping your TWIST wig

When not in use, place your TWIST wig on a mannequin head or its stand. Additionally, keep your long human hair wig away from heat, moisture, and direct sunshine.

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6. Conclusion

If you take good care of your TWIST wig, it may last from nine to twelve months, which is longer than an artificial one. The finest outcome will come from using a TWIST wig for a shorter period of time if you wear one every day or do not properly maintain it. Luvmehair offers you durable TWIST wigs, long human hair wigs and short curly wigs which are made from real human hair. Get your TWIST wigs at Luvmehiar now at a discounted rate as the Black Friday is coming and you will be happy with you decision. Get in touch with us at Luvmehair now to know more about our Black Friday discounted rates.

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